80s fashion – The best outfits of the decades from celebs and on-screen idols (2 of 6)

Cindy Crawford was a leading fashion icon in the 80s, and this picture tells us why. With a cropped biker jacket alongside a stretch mini, Cindy shows off the leading fashion trend of that era with her classy pose. Add to that the red lip and any matching accessories in red or black, and you’re good to go with the 80s fashion trend.



Demi really kills it in this look. Wearing a fringe is totally a bold move, as it offers that glamourous, windswept look. To top it off, the soft makeup on our favorite Charlie’s angel looks truly amazing, along with that perfect sequin blazer, glitzy beads, and bow earnings to match it up.



Debbie Harry looks gorgeous in this 80s look. She has gone with a strong blusher and paired it up with a colorful smokey eye in a pre-90s makeup. This is indeed next level contouring. With Jake Fonda popularizing leisure-wear such as Pineapple, tracksuits such as one worn by Debbie was a trend everyone followed. And it was the coziest of all.



Elle Macpherson can be seen styling three major 80s trends in one go, and it looks just great. The velvet jacket along with those massive shoulder pads look awesome, while the mini skirt and black tights compliment the overall look even more. Since 50 denier tights, that later became every working woman’s staple, wasn’t really a thing back then, we feel pity for the 80s girls.



Princess Diana was probably the most famous style icon of the 80s, and this picture reveals why.

That puff sleeve blouse with paintbrush print does look a little 101 Dalmatians, but that still looks amazing on her. The waist belt was the go-to accessory in the 80s, and all those tiny waists after Jane Fonda workouts ensured everything was crammed to barely an inch of its life. And her sunglasses look amazing as well, which happens to be an oversized retro one. So chic.

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