8 Jobs For Seniors Over 60

Are you 60 or over and simply looking for a part-time job to keep you occupied and put a bit of extra money in your pocket? Perhaps you’ve reached a period of your life in which you’ve saved a comfortable sum for retirement but don’t want a job that requires a ton of retraining or additional education. We’ve got you covered! Consider the following eight ideal jobs for seniors.

Room, Flowerpot, Plant

1. Housekeeper

The role of the housekeeper is to keep a hotel room, apartment, or private home nice and tidy. You would be expected to vacuum carpets, mop and/or sweep hard floors, take out the trash, change the bedsheets, and dust shelves and furniture. Note that if you opt for private households, it provides you with the most flexibility in terms of your work schedule. Just keep in mind that housekeeping can be physically demanding, especially if you have to clean multiple hotel rooms and only have a limited amount of time to do so, but it can still be an appealing job for seniors.