15 Crafty Ways to Save a Ton Of Money Every Month (2 of 4)

Opt for price alerts

It’s not humanly possible to always keep surfing through various websites to keep track of the price of a product. That’s why it’s recommended to subscribe to email alerts on price drops and upcoming sales.

These subscriptions don’t cost you money (unlike your gym membership whose card is still somewhere in your cupboard) and keep you up to date with the latest discount offers and deals.

You need not lose your mind surfing the internet anymore, your subscriptions will do that for you. Opt for email or message alerts, and you’re good to go.



Turn those canceled deposits to savings

It can be your student loan, your monthly magazine subscription, or your cook that you just fired. If you’ve just canceled their services or paid off your student loans by depositing a certain amount of money every month, keep that commitment going.

Instead of just forgetting about it or spending it on something useless, funnel that amount out and deposit it into your savings. Pretend that you’re still paying your tuition fees, or your cook, or for the magazine subscription – and save that money.

This way you can end up saving a huge amount by the end of a month. Just keep your commitment intact.



Cancel subscriptions

If you have a gym subscription that you pay a fortune a month only to sit at home and nurture the couch potato side of yours, it’s time to let it go. More often than not, we tend to keep subscriptions and hold onto memberships because we think we might need them or even may regret canceling them someday.

Trust us – you won’t.

You probably made these subscriptions on impulse because on a fine Sunday afternoon you just felt like it, but if you’re not making the most out of it – it’s time quit. These subscriptions and memberships are unnecessarily burning a hole in your pocket, which you certainly do not need.

Get your phone, dial a few numbers, and cancel the ones you don’t need. You’ll thank yourself later. Also, don’t spend that money. Save that amount every month instead.



Avoid ATM fees!

Whenever you’re in a hurry and are tempted to use an ATM other than of your bank’s because it’s nearby, think twice. If your emergency can wait, or you’re doing it just because your lazy, stop yourself right there.

Take a few minutes extra and find the ATM of your bank and withdraw cash from there instead. You do not realize it, but every time you use a different ATM, you end paying a fee of $10 – and yes, that’s hefty.

Avoid doing that, and you’ll be grateful for it later.