15 Crafty Ways to Save a Ton Of Money Every Month

Saving money is crucial to ensure that you’re financially secure whenever need be. Although, it can be a drudge sometimes, and it can make you run thin on patience. However, we cannot neglect the fact that it is an art everyone is striving to master.

Saving money isn’t limited to just funneling out an amount as soon as you receive your paycheck and depositing it to your piggy bank. You can save money in numerous other ways – like by canceling unnecessary subscriptions, membership to classes you never go to, or cutting down on your daily expenses that can be easily managed otherwise.

Or maybe canceling a subscription and saving that amount of money monthly instead of spending it, ever thought about that? There are numerous sneaky ways through which you can save money, sometimes, you can even earn while you spend!

We’ve curated 15 such sneaky ways through which you can save a fortune. Incorporate these 15 ways into your daily habits and you should be good to go.



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Earning while you’re shopping is probably the best way of slipping a few extra dimes into your pocket. Cashback offers can help you save a lot in a month, even if they’re meager.

Whenever you’re shopping or paying your bills online – ensure to check whether there is any cashback offers that you can bag. At times PayPal offers a cashback if you do a transaction through their site, or certain products on Amazon or other online shopping sites help you earn a cashback when bought.

Always perform a little research before settling on a product or a payment option. Small steps like such can help you save big by the end of the month. Persistence and patience always pay.



Shop online

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This might probably come as a shock, but we’re here to tell you that you can shop just as well online as offline. The art of bargaining is not just restricted to street shops or local brands, you can hold up a one-to-one bargaining session online too!

Sure, coupons and deals do help. Especially with numerous websites that release the latest offer codes and deals for various shopping websites daily, getting a huge discount on the displayed price has gotten easier.

However, you can drop in a text to the site’s chatbot or call up the customer care and ask them about their discount plans. Be direct and just shoot the question. Chances that you’ll hear a ‘no’ on the first go are high, but if you keep being persuasive and persistent (and of course, friendly) you’ll be surprised at the deals and discount offers that you might end up bagging!



Get the best price

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If you’re seeing a slashed price on Amazon with a red mark on the actual one, chances of it being the best price are rare. If you read the comment and reviews, you’ll find customers gloating about bagging flagship models at a very low price.

It’s important to be patient. If you see you’re getting a good discount on Amazon, scan through the comment section, and check whether people have bought the same thing at a lower cost or not. Also, online shopping sites have sales and giveaways all year round, so patience is the key.

Search deals and coupons, keep track of upcoming sales, and ALWAYS track the changing prices of whatever it is you’re willing to buy. You never know when your patience might eventually land you up at the best price possible. You’ll thank your stars then.



You can always negotiate

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Let’s be honest, you probably spend a major chunk on your gym membership, or on a magazine subscription that you probably never bother to read, the tap dance class that you never plan on going to, or yoga sessions that you went for once and it’s already been six months.

Or maybe your monthly WiFi plan with a 100mbps speed when you just barely manage to scroll through Instagram and WhatsApp on your phone or send emails. Sometimes it’s hard to cancel a membership or subscription because we think it’s “important”.

You never know when you might actually regain your lost commitment towards staying fit or finally start to take cooking classes seriously. But hey, you can always negotiate. If you see yourself subscribed to a monthly plan with huge benefits and advantages which you’re not utilizing, it’s time to negotiate.

Call up the provider and ask them whether they have lower-rated plans. It’ll probably cut down your benefits to a bit, but hey, you weren’t using them to their fullest anyway!