19 of the Best Free Offers You’ll Find Online (2 of 3)

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8. Aspiration Debit Card Cash Back Rewards

If you aren’t using an Aspiration debit card, you might just be a sucker. See, they automatically give you 10% cashback every time you make a purchase. Who wouldn’t want that? Shopping at the grocery store? Cashback. Filling up at the gas station? Cashback! Since these are purchases you’d be making regardless, why not keep some of that money? Signing up is simple and linking your bank account is effortless. The company is completely legit and your money is fully FDIC insured, so no worries!

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9. Free Credit Score

You’ve heard us right! You’re probably familiar with credit score services that force you to sign up with a credit card and will charge you if you don’t cancel within a certain window. That doesn’t seem fair, especially when you have the right to know your credit score! Fortunately, Credit Sesame will provide you with your credit score absolutely free! It only takes 90 seconds and you’ll even receive a free credit report card, allowing you to make sure everything is accurate. Just one small error makes a big difference in your score!

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10. Free Gift Cards

The experience of shopping at a grocery store has never been much fun, but with Covid on our minds and all of the precautions put in place, the mere act of buying toilet paper is a challenge. Shouldn’t you at least get something for your troubles? The Fetch Rewards app — available absolutely free — lets you earn free gift cards when you make certain purchases. It’s really easy: when using the app, snap a photo of your receipt demonstrating you bought an item from one of the qualifying brands, and they’ll ship you Amazon and Walmart gift cards. More than a million people have already taken advantage of this, which means they know a good deal when they see one.

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11. Free Coffee

Want something really good for nothing? How about a free trial-sized bag of Blue Bottle Coffee, some of the highest quality coffee you’ll find anywhere? When you sign up for their coffee of the month service (credit card required), they’ll send you a free 2-ounce bag at no charge. Then simply cancel before they start billing you.

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12. Get paid to watch the news

Reading the news hasn’t been all that fun in recent times. Whether it’s political turmoil, threats of war, or evolving viruses, a whole lot of crazy stuff has been going on. So if you’re going to be informed, you might as well get paid. Research companies are willing to give you money — up to $225 a month — to watch their news clips. Swagbucks offers a free app that lets you do this. Just take a minute to sign up, immediately start watching the clips, answer their questions, and watch that dough roll in.

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13. Free pancakes from IHOP

Who among us wouldn’t want to enjoy a free stack of pancakes from IHOP? If you sign up for their loyalty program (MyHop), you get an order on the house! It’s really easy to do: after creating an account, you’ll receive a coupon by email. From our experience, it took a few hours to arrive and it was only valid for two weeks, so you’ll need to act fast to take advantage of the deal.