19 of the Best Free Offers You’ll Find Online (3 of 3)

Godiva Istanbul

14. Free luxury chocolate

A bar of completely average chocolate is already very satisfying, but Godiva takes it up to a whole new level. We’re convinced that when we die and go to Heaven, Godiva is the only chocolate they’ll serve. So how about a chance to enjoy Godiva chocolate for free while still on Earth? When you sign up on their website, you’re entitled to free chocolate every month at participating locations. And what about free chocolate on your birthday? You betcha!

Arby's Classic Roast Beef, Food, Tableware, Bun, Sandwich, Ingredient

15. Free sandwich from Arby’s

Hungry for a sandwich and willing to keep your expectations to a minimum? Join the Arby’s email list! When you sign up, you’ll receive a free Roast Beef Classic with the purchase of a beverage. So, yeah, technically you do have to buy something to get it, but if you’ve ever eaten at Arby’s you already know the food ain’t going down your throat without some liquid help.

Balloon, Product, Gesture

16. Win $80 playing games on your iPhone

How do you enjoy killing time? By binging on a streaming service? Watching football? Sipping on coffee with some friends? What about playing games on your iPhone and getting paid for it? That’s exactly what the Bubble Cash app (available for free!) offers. In fact, you can make as much as $80 every time you win! There are no strings attached and the game outcomes are entirely based on skill. More than a million people have downloaded the app on the App Store and it has an average rating of 4.5/5.

Robinhood Crypto Wallet, Communication Device

17. Receive free stock

When you open a free account with the Robinhood stock trading app, you’ll receive a share of stock at no charge! The share you receive is chosen at random, which is why it can range from $2 all the way up to $200. Ten million Robinhood platform users can’t be wrong!

Green Dot Bank Stash, Mobile phone, Communication Device, Portable communications device, Gadget, Gesture, Telephony

18. Receive even more free stock

Think about this: if you had the foresight to buy one share of Amazon during its IPO (priced at $18), you’d have seen the price increase more than 1000 fold by today, and that’s even factoring in the fluxuations in the market over the years. You might not have the money to buy a bunch of stocks, but it doesn’t mean the dream is over. When you download the Stash app and sign up for an account, you’ll receive $5 worth of stock in Amazon, Google, or other companies of your choice!

Target Store Us, Sky, Building, Tree

19. Free Target gift cards

Got opinions you need to share? We know you do! How about earning $80 per month in free Target gift cards for the simple act of telling it like it is? There’s no shortage of paid survey sites, but we believe Survey Junkie is especially awesome. The questions aren’t brain surgery either; they ask you simple stuff like which brand of detergent do you prefer, and whether you are a Coke or Pepsi kind of person. You earn points for your answers and can eventually earn enough to redeem them for Target cards — even today! Over 10 million people have taken surveys using this app, and TrustPilot gives it a rating of 4.5/5.