19 of the Best Free Offers You’ll Find Online

Everybody loves free stuff. But not all free things are equal. When you go to the grocery store and eat a partially dry cube of cheese served with a toothpick, that’s not all that impressive. But how about some free coffee, a delicious bagel, or even some stock in a popular company? Those are the kinds of offers we live for. Where can you get the best free deals? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at this list of 19 freebies!

Sephora Uae, Fixture

1. Sephora has something for you!

Let’s start with the easiest, most basic freebie of all. Sign up on the Sephora website to become a “Beauty Insider” and you’ll receive a free beauty kit birthday gift!

University Of South Wales

2. Earn $225 the easy way

Want to make money for doing practically nothing? Then InboxDollars has an offer for you. When you create an account on their website, they will actually pay you to watch short video clips provided to them by companies that want to spread the message about their products, services or upcoming film release. Sure, you aren’t going to become financially independent off this, but it’s hypothetically possible to earn as much as $225/month. They’ve already handed out $59 million since 2000. Sign up now and receive a $5 bonus! Whoo!

Solitaire Playing Cards, Rectangle

3. Win up to $83 playing Solitaire

Playing Solitaire on your phone or laptop is a nice time suck. But what if you could win some money while you’re at it? Turns out, a free app called Solitaire Cash allows you to do just that! We know what you’re thinking: what’s the catch? What do you need to buy? Is sneaky malware involved? There are no strings attached! No annoying ads and you have nothing to lose since the tournaments are free to join. You’ll compete against five other players with the top three who solve the deck the fastest winning money ranging from $1 all the way up to $83! It’s available on the App Store, has more than a million downloads, and has been rated 15,000 times, with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

To get started, just download the free app and start playing your first game.

Marble Slab Ice Cream, Food

4. Mmm… Ice Cream

If you’d pass up a chance for some free ice cream, you’re absolutely nuts. We’re talking “ice cream” with the word “free” preceding it! To make your free ice cream dreams come true, simply download Marble Slab Creamery’s Slab Happy Rewards app and you’re entitled to free ice cream once you sign up. Plus, you earn points for purchases, allowing you to receive discounts on future orders!

Junk Food, Food, Ingredient, Staple food, Gesture

5. Bagel and Shmear

Einsteins Bros. Bagels is eager to offer you a free bagel and shmear (or cream cheese) when you enroll in their rewards program, which they call the Shmear Society. Sounds fancy and exclusive, right? But it’s so easy to sign up, and aside from the free breakfast you also receive points — two for every $1 spent — that you can redeem for additional items!

Chuck E Cheese Pizza Cheese, Food, Ingredient, Recipe, Staple food, Fast food, Baked goods, Cuisine

6. Pizza, pizza, pizza!

Hungry for Chuck E. Cheese Pizza? You will be. When you sign up for the kiddie pizza chain/entertainment center’s More Cheese Rewards program, they’ve got a personal one-topping pizza with your name on it! But that’s not all; for every three visits to the chain in which you spend a minimum $20, you’ll receive a $10 reward as well as additional goodies on your birthday and half-birthday. Half-birthdays are apparently a thing!

Dunkin Donuts, Food, Doughnut, Ingredient, Baked goods, Cuisine

7. Dunkin stuff

Having trouble waking up in the morning? When you join Dunkin’s DD Perks program, you’ll earn points every time you make a purchase. You’ll get a free beverage just for signing up and a second one when you turn one year older!