The Real Reason Why Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Censori Carries a Pillow

Kanye West and Bianca Censori are no strangers to controversy, especially when it comes to their fashion choices. One detail, however, continues to baffle and intrigue fans: Bianca’s pillow.

Last September, the couple was spotted in Italy sporting unique outfits. Bianca wore sheer beige stockings and a matching spaghetti strap bodysuit, she finished the look with a pair of heels and clutched a purple pillow to cover her chest. Meanwhile, Kanye, now legally known as Ye, opted for an all-black ensemble, including a short-sleeved shirt, pants, slippers, and a hooded scarf covering most of his face.

This week, May 29, Ye and Bianca grabbed attention once again in Florence, Italy. Bianca donned a shiny white thong bodysuit, carrying a large white pillow over her chest, echoing her previous purple pillow look. She paired this with thigh-high black leather boots. This time Ye chose to wear a white zip-up hoodie and matching sweatpants.

The pillow accessory raised many questions. Why does Bianca carry it, and what does it signify? Some speculate it’s a nod to Kanye’s wedding to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, which took place in Florence ten years ago. Others think the pillow might be more than just a cover-up. Could it provide Bianca with a sense of comfort and security?

Sources suggest that Bianca no longer has much autonomy, simply following Kanye’s orders. He allegedly imposes strict rules on her, including what she can wear, eat, and even how she should act. Under such conditions, it’s no wonder Bianca might seek comfort and safety, symbolized by the ever-present pillow.