Hailey Bieber’s Unexpected Response to Justin Bieber’s Tearful Photo Sparks Divorce Rumors

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Over the weekend, the 30-year-old singer captured the attention of his followers by sharing several selfies on Instagram where he appeared visibly upset and crying. In one particularly striking photo, he gazed directly into the camera, a tear clearly visible on his face, his expression one of deep sadness. This series of photos led some fans to speculate that a potential breakup with his wife, Hailey, might have been the cause of his distress.

However, before any rumors could escalate, Hailey quickly responded to dispel the concerns. She left a comment under the post of her tearful husband, playfully noting he was “a pretty crier,” along with an emoji representing happy tears. Her comment quickly garnered over thirty thousand likes, reassuring many that all was well between them.

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On the same day, Justin shared a total of six posts which included tearful selfies. The other posts depicted a variety of scenes: Justin performing on stage, enjoying a round of golf, relaxing in the ocean, and several more cheerful selfies showing him smiling, free of tears. Additionally, he paid homage to his favorite hockey team with an image of the Toronto Maple Leafs logo and gave a shoutout to the artist Tems and her song “Love Me Jeje.”

Tems, who collaborated with Justin on the remix of her song “Essence,” responded warmly to his post, expressing her admiration for his generosity of spirit and blessing him. Fans also showed their enthusiasm for his flurry of posts, with playful comments about his return to social media and his spontaneous decision to share numerous photos.

This outpouring of content came just a few weeks after Justin and Hailey were seen together at Coachella on April 13. During Lana Del Rey’s performance, the couple shared affectionate moments, with Justin hugging Hailey, stroking her head, and gently kissing her forehead, all signs pointing to a loving and united front.