America’s Most Inbred Family Confesses to Falsifying Information About Death of Larry Whittaker

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In a twist that seems straight out of a movie, Larry Whittaker, the head of what’s been dubbed America’s most inbred family, is actually alive, debunking rumors of his death. This West Virginian, aged 67, became an internet sensation, with his family’s story capturing widespread attention. Following photographer Mark Laita’s (who has been documenting the family’s life since 2020) announcement on YouTube that Larry had suffered a fatal heart attack, rumors of his demise started to spread last week.

But, plot twist! Laita’s next video, titled ‘The Death of Larry Whittaker’, made fans do a double-take as Larry appeared very much alive, casually discussing his supposed death from his family’s porch in Odd, West Virginia. When asked about his ‘death’, Larry humorously remarked that he’d only learned of it through a video.

The story took another turn when Mark revealed he had given $1,000 to BJ, Larry’s daughter, believing it would cover funeral costs. BJ later expressed regret, stating, “I’m not proud of what I’ve done, I’m not, and I shouldn’t have done it. I’m trying to get help for my drug addiction.” Laita chose to forgive her, though not all fans were as understanding, with reactions ranging from shock to disappointment over the scam.

One top comment on the video, which has already garnered over 900,000 views, expressed disdain, writing, “‘Faking Larry’s death to scam money is just… disgusting.'”

The family’s backstory is as intriguing as their recent drama. It begins with twin brothers Henry and John, whose children married each other. Henry and Sally had seven children, one of whom, John, married his cousin Ada, and they had nine children, including Gracie, in 1920.

Gracie later married her own cousin, John Emory, in 1935. They had a large family of 15 children, many of whom suffered from health problems due to their close family ties.

Their eldest child, Aileen, died in 1997, and their oldest son, Emery, died as a baby in 1938. Today, their daughter Betty takes care of the family and has promised not to marry so she can look after her siblings.

The Whittakers’ family story went viral in 2020 through one of Laita’s videos, leading to their recognition in the media as America’s most inbred family. It’s a saga that continues to unfold, revealing that reality can indeed be stranger than fiction.