Curvy Panamanian Influencer Gracie Bon Calls for Larger Airplane Seats After Difficulty Fitting Comfortably

Video: @graciebon

Gracie Bon, an Instagram model celebrated for her prominent curves, is on a mission to challenge the airline industry to rethink seat sizes—not for herself, but for the comfort of all passengers. Despite her fame for her curves, Gracie is actually advocating for more spacious airplane seats. Flying first class hasn’t solved her dilemma of comfortably fitting into her seat, leading her to share her struggles publicly.

The Panamanian influencer took to Instagram, sharing a video that quickly captured widespread attention. The clip shows her attempting to buckle her seatbelt with difficulty, a moment that highlights the challenges plus-sized passengers face while flying. Gracie, with a blend of frustration and charm, uses her platform to call for change, stating plainly, “Airplanes should have bigger seats.”

Her candid appeal, “So today I had a flight and even if I was flying in first class, I couldn’t fit on the airplane — so this is a petition for all the airlines so big girls like me can fly,” resonates with many. Gracie argues that the size of her bottom shouldn’t dictate her flying experience and urges airlines to consider more generous seat sizing.

Despite the viral success of her video, which garnered over 99,000 likes, Gracie’s stance sparked controversy. Critics accused her of seeking special treatment, some even suggesting her physique was the result of cosmetic enhancements. Yet, amid the backlash, support also emerged. Fans and followers echoed her call for more inclusive seating arrangements, sharing their own experiences and challenges with airline seats.

Among her supporters, one fan emphasized the need for seats and seatbelts designed for comfort, while another defended Gracie’s natural figure against accusations of surgery. This discussion opens up broader conversations about body diversity and the importance of accommodating all passengers’ needs.

Gracie’s story is a reminder of the complexities that come with standing out. Similar tales, like that of one of the model’s fans, a woman whose body underwent significant changes after childbirth, highlight the varied and unique challenges individuals face. Through her platform, Gracie Bon advocates for a world that embraces and accommodates diversity, one airplane seat at a time.