Machine Gun Kelly Shows Off a Shocking New Tattoo That Covers His Whole Upper Body in BLACK INK

That must hurt!

In a twist that’s sure to grab headlines, Machine Gun Kelly, the artist known for his hit song “Emo Girl,” has taken a daring leap into the world of tattoos, transforming his canvas of skin in a way that’s nothing short of dramatic. The musician is known for his many tattoos, which show his love for his music, his hometown, and his fiancée Megan Fox. But now, he’s doing something different with his tattoos. 

MGK’s vibrant tattoos, which once painted a colorful story across his body, now peek through an intricate cross design on his chest, a creation that’s left many in awe. 

“For spiritual purposes only,” MGK captioned the snap.

The mastermind behind this bold venture is Roxx, a “globally recognized black-work-only tattoo artist with over five decades of combined experience,” according to her official website. 

She and MGK worked together on this huge tattoo project, spending 13 sessions of six hours each in her private studio in Los Angeles. And they’re not done yet; Roxx reveals there’s still some more work to be done to complete this masterpiece.

MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, mentioned it needed ’44 needles’ on his Instagram Story. 

Roxx also shared a photo of her masterpiece, saying she had “never met a tougher one,” praising MGK’s resilience, to which he responded, “Thanks for the joy and the pain.” 

Such a transformation has stirred a mix of emotions among the musician’s fans. Some fans are sad that MGK covered up some of his old tattoos, while others admire his courage to reinvent himself, viewing this change as a spiritual rebirth.

Woman, Shoulder, Lingerie top, Corset, Thigh, Glove, Waist

It’s possible that Megan Fox, MGK’s wife-to-be, accompanied the musician to the tattoo studio, as she recently revealed her updated tattoo sleeve adorned with birds and flowers. Additionally, Fox has updated some of her previous tattoos, including replacing a tattoo on her pelvis that had the name of her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, with a snake design.

There’s no news yet on what she thinks about MGK’s latest transformation. Overall, the musician is known for making bold choices, and this new tattoo is a big statement of change.