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Crazy Hotels You Can Choose To Stay In Around The World (2 of 2)



Spodonic Spaceship (Wales, UK)

A perfect place for space enthusiasts, the Spodonic Spaceship will give you the feeling of staying in an alien spaceship! This hotel is located in Wales, UK, and you can definitely opt for this accommodation the next time you’re visiting the UK. And who knows, you might come across an alien!



Dog Bark Park Inn (Cottonwood, Idaho)

Most of us love dogs, don’t we? Well, this hotel took that love for dogs to the very next level when they decided to build accommodations that look like dogs themselves! These bed and breakfast rooms are really nice and have all the facilities based on dogs – even the cookies that are offered here. So, the next time you’re heading out to Idaho, don’t forget to check out this awesome place.



Hang Nga Guesthouse (Da Lat, Vietnam)

For all those Lord of the Rings fans, here comes an epic place to stay! With a house that looks like it is made inside a tree, this place would surely remind you of the hobbit house and other fantasy stories. Don’t forget to spend a night in this great place the next time you travel to Vietnam.