6 Mind-Blowing Beach Houses That Will Make Your Summer Dreams Come True

Struggling to find the perfect place to stay during your summer vacation because a $130 room at a Holiday Inn Express with a moderately-sized outdoor swimming pool just won’t cut it? Fortunately for you, we searched far and wide for top-notch accommodations that would satisfy those with discriminating tastes, even a hotshot regular swell such as yourself! 

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Beautiful Private Beach House Casa Kimball by Rangr Studio in the Dominican Republic

Casa Kimball, crafted by the esteemed architectural firm Rangr Studio, stands as an extraordinary and breathtaking contemporary villa available for rental in the serene locale of Cabrera, Dominican Republic. The villa’s construction reached completion in December 2008, establishing Casa Kimball as an exquisite haven for those seeking a private beachside retreat and indulgent luxury experience. Similar to the renowned Villa Amanzi, Casa Kimball extends a warm invitation to fortunate guests, promising an unparalleled and exclusive vacation encounter. With rates ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 per day, you might want to reconsider your children’s college plans if you do decide to stay here!