The 6 Most Scenic Locations in the World That Feature a Swing

Think about the last time you got on a swing. For most of us, you have to go all the way back to childhood to remember the joys of swinging back and forth with our legs touching the sky way up high. But who’s to say you can’t go back in time and enjoy a good ride on a swing? There are places around the world where adults can experience the fun again while looking out at glacier peaks, cityscapes, lush green hills, and beaches way off in the distance. How is this possible? There are incredible locations that you can travel to that allow you to swing away while taking in the atmosphere. Here are the six best destinations on the planet where you can ride a swing. 

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Knapp’s Castle (Santa Barbara, California)

When you think of Santa Barbara – also known as America’s Riviera – the first thing that comes to mind is beautiful beaches, sunsets, and glamor. While you will indeed find all of these things in this medium-sized town in southern California, it is also an excellent place to go hiking and explore the canyons. One of the most popular such spots is Knapp’s Castle, which is actually the remains of a mansion that caught on fire in 1918. Here you’ll find a hidden rope swing tied to a tree. But be warned: this is not like those kiddie swings you enjoyed back in your youth, so use caution when you get on it.