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12 Fabulous Bubble Hotels and Structures From Around the World

Tired of staying at a conventional hotel with four boring walls and a view of some dumb brick building that blocks the scenery? Then you should consider a bubble hotel alternative. Bubble capsule rooms have been popping…up all over the world in recent years. So whether you are looking for something nearby or a far-flung destination that requires several connecting flights, here is a list of the best bubble hotels where you can enjoy a unique vacationing experience.

Bubble Hotel, Bali, Indonesia

It probably didn’t take these folks in Bali long to come up with the name Bubble Hotel, but at least you know exactly what you’re getting. Situated near Nyang Nyang beach, these inflatable tents contain bathrooms and showers that provide complete privacy. You’re also a short stroll from the jungle! Just make sure to have your smartphone’s flashlight app available because it gets pretty dark at night. Although we suppose that’s true everywhere.

Palais Bulles, Théoule-sur-Mer, France

Looking for a mild thrill but within safe conditions? The good people at Palais Bulles in France are patiently waiting for you to book a reservation. These interconnected domes are built right into the cliffs that overlook the French Riviera. Don’t forget to try eating the snails, froglegs, and French toast while you’re there!

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Saariselkä, Finland

If you’ve always wanted to live like a penguin but couldn’t figure out a practical way to do so, the glass igloos at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland will make your dreams come true! During the winter months, it’s the perfect place to take a look at aurora borealis (northern lights) and/or space aliens.

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Some of us live in the past, while others live in the present. But once you stay at the Wadi Rum Night Luxury camp in Jordan, you will be able to boast that you’ve seen into the future and it is good. These temperature-controlled pods are located deep in the desert wilderness, making it optimal to catch all of the lizards and dragons that wander on by without suffering from the elements.