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11 Impressive Traditional Houses That You Can Visit (2 of 3)

5. Pueblo Houses, Southwestern United States

Named after the Native American tribe that built these homes, Pueblos are made of adobe bricks that were baked in the sun along with roofs made of wood. The thick walls allow its inhabitants to remain cool on the hottest of days. Taos Pueblo, New Mexico is the place to visit if you want to check out Pueblo houses that have been home to Native Americans for more than a Millenium.

6. Houseboat, Kashmir

You probably don’t have to travel too far to see a houseboat. Indeed, they’re all over Europe, Asia, and even in parts of America. But if you want a truly amazing experience, you have to visit the houseboats of Kashmir, a territory claimed by both India and Pakistan. The wood carvings are very intricate and some of the boats are more than 100 years old. You can even spend the night in one of the many houseboats built specifically to accommodate tourists.

7. Igloos, North America

Everybody knows what an igloo is, but what you may not be aware of is that these snow structures aren’t actually permanent residences for the Inuit tribe of Alaska and Canada. Instead, these serve as temporary homes for hunters during the harsh wintertime. Nonetheless, they are invariably linked to the history and culture of these hardy people who live in the Arctic regions.

8. Rock Houses, Cappadocia, Turkey

Located in the Göreme valley of Central Turkey, these homes are made of rocks that were formed from volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. As time has gone by, entire towns have been created from these aptly named “fairy chimneys.” In times of war, they also served as a safe place for civilians to hide.