6 Epic Walled Cities That You Must Visit

I’ve traveled to nearly 50 countries around the world and while I’ve enjoyed almost every village, town and city that I’ve visited, the ones behind walls hold a special place in my heart. They are invariably full of rich history. After all, the reason they were walled in is that they were seen as strategically important both for the country in possession of the city as well as invaders who wished to conquer it. When you explore a walled city, you are bound to have an unforgettable experience because you never quite know what treasures you’ll come across. With that in mind, here are six walled cities that you should add to your bucket list.

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1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

They don’t call this city the Pearl of the Adriatic for nothing. Settled along a coastline, Star Wars and Game of Thrones both filmed scenes in this Croatian gem. When you look at the walls and fortifications — built almost 1,000 years ago — you would think they are about to fall into the sea, but they remain strong. The city was once powerful enough to rival Venice as a maritime trading place. Today when you visit, you can stay at world-class resorts and hotels or even affordable, comfortable hostels. Enjoy some fresh seafood and sip on an amazing cup of coffee!

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2. Timbuktu, Mali

A lot of people assume that Timbuktu is some fabled place like the Lost City of Atlantis or the Seven Cities of Gold, perhaps because of the famous quote “from here to Timbuktu.” But believe it or not, it is indeed an actual city! Located in the West African country of Mali, it was founded in the 13th century as a trading post. But the walls that make it famous weren’t built until around 300 years later. Although it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it didn’t stop rebels from destroying many of its shrines and ancient treasures in 2012. At the moment, both the UK and US are advising their citizens against traveling to Mali, but when peace comes it will be worth the wait!