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8 Companies That Will Let You Work From Home and Help Pay for Your Vacation

Job perks have become more important than ever these days, and especially our forced time working from home due to Covid-19 has opened a lot of doors on the job market. Suddenly we’ve accepted the fact that working doesn’t mean you have to be physically present at the office and it’s caused a huge schism in the world. Some companies and employees would rather see the world evolve to a more digital, work-from-home approach while some want the exact opposite and look for ways to go back to how things were three years ago.

If you’re looking for a new place to work, Glassdoor is a useful site where employees can post reviews of their employer. It often mentions things like extra benefits which may be useful to guide you towards an employer that has the same view about work as you do. Let’s take a look at some companies that go above and beyond to embrace the new normal!


Evernote is mostly known for its mobile app that lets you keep notes and even share them with other people. Being a mobile company means that you understand your employees’ need to be somewhere else sometimes, so Evernote gives their employees unlimited vacation days and $1000 worth of vacation money.


Contrary to what their name suggests, FullContact actually has a “no contact” policy when you’re on vacation. That’s right, as a staff member you’re actually prohibited from working whenever you’re on vacation. If you think that’s not good enough, they also actively encourage you to be away by giving you $7500 per year for travel expenses.


Well, there may not be much to Airbnb’s on-the-job perks, but they do have a nice bonus that is nothing to scoff at. Any employee in the business can get up to $2000 worth of travel coupons on a yearly basis. Gone are the days of saving up for your vacation!