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The Best (And Safest) Destination Hotels To Relax At This Year (2 of 4)

Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Location: San José del Cabo, Mexico

One of the five Ritz-Carlton Reserve destinations across the globe, Zadún is one of the newest additions. It might get booked out for the rest of this year so catch the earliest flight to San Jose, Cabo if you want to visit this wellness destination. The property offers a culturally intimate and immersive experience that has handcrafted items and artisanal décor from locals, as well as local Mexican food and the best part is the charming hotel staff – the majority from the area around the property. The property has 115 suites within two-story 42 villas – all having windows from floor to ceiling to allow stunning views of the gorgeous Sea of Cortez.

Take a stroll through this elegant property’s dunes to declutter and relax your mind. You can tour and enjoy agave tasting at the popular Candil cocktail bar. Watch the beautiful sunset and head over to restaurant Humo where you can see some extraordinary fireworks after enjoying a sumptuous meal. The Spa Alkemia takes away all the stress built up in your body with their signature massage experiences, hydrotherapy, and rejuvenating Savasana room – a room where vibroacoustic therapy is paired with mediations and singing bowls for ultimately healing experience.

Zadún is a great place for family, friends, and couples for complete relaxation.



Ojai Valley Inn

Location: Ojai, California

Ojai is a bohemian town popular for its serenity and positive energy, and the Ojai Valley Inn isn’t far off from that magical experience. A wellness destination unique for its surreal flower-adorned property, the place is often booked for heavenly weddings and vacations. But if you are looking for a place where you can practice spiritual healing, this place will be ideal for you too.

Explore mind decluttering sessions with Reiki and chakra sessions, along with psychic readings that are truly an experience worth remembering for a long time. Nurture the child within you and visit the artist cottage, where you get to paint or design a plant terrarium or blend essential oils all by yourself. The bohemian property reopened in February this year, so go ahead and plan a vacation to declutter your life and rejuvenate yourself.



Enchantment Resort

Location: Sedona, Arizona

Plan a retreat to the surreal Sedona rock canyons of Arizona, the spiritual capital of Arizona state, to enjoy self-care in a truly Southern style splendor. With over seventy acres of grounds dotted with a labyrinth path and a wide range of athletic choices, the place is the perfect getaway. The property has a total of 218 single-story suites all showing off the rustic flair of the place. Try out lip-smacking recipes made out of locally grown produce, coupled with one of the most lavish wine lists.

Enchantment Resort also serves as Mii Amo’s specialist hub for mind, soul, and body wellness therapy places. From special spa treatments to wraps and massages, the property is also known for their woo therapies, which includes soma, sound healing, and aura photography to provide a rejuvenating experience to guests.



Four Seasons, Downtown

Location: New York, New York

Esoteric was never so exquisite and grand. The Four Seasons Hotel in New York Downtown isn’t just a regular massage and facial spa, it offers a holistic spiritual healing experience – and has a team of experts who can guide you for a better experience. The property boasts of a unique spa and surreal aesthetics, but it is the growing list of conscious connoisseurs that helps this hotel earn a spot on our list. Guests can easily book a private session with Rebecca Gordon, Harper Bazaar’s astrologist, and get a shamanic healing experience and medicine along with aura reading, apart from other experiences like sonic alchemy and hypnotics. These personalized experiences are definitely worth visiting this place once.



We Care Spa

Location: Palm Springs, California

Take some time off from your work schedule and rejuvenate at the We Care Spa, which is popular for its mind, body, and soul healing experiences and stays. The soup and juice fasting coupled with the digestive release massages and colonics help you feel amazing and healthy.

You will also find amazing healing installations all over the property premises, apart from the orientation program you can experience when you wish. If you are looking for the perfect getaway, this might be the one for you.