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Top 50 Most Overrated Tourist Landmarks In The World (2 of 5)

Silk Market, Beijing

The Chinese capital Beijing attracts millions of tourists every year, and one of the most recommended places is the Silk Market. However, this place is known for the designer knock-offs that you can buy at dirt cheap prices (only if you know the art of bargaining). This Xiushui Street market has everything you can think of – Gucci handbags to Dior sunglasses, you name it. But since vendors know the buying audience (international tourists), they increase the prices manifold. Only visit this place if you are really good at haggling, else you will end up paying more than what the items are actually worth.



Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer is one of the most iconic places in Brazil that has been featured in many movies and music albums. However, that doesn’t mean it deserves a visit. Do not expect a great experience when you visit this place. First of all, it takes a lot of effort to actually reach the Sugarloaf Mountain top where it is located. You can take the Trem do Corcovado ride to reach there but expect lines that sometimes last for hours, and the ticket costs $20. Once you reach the top, you will find the weather extremely unbearable due to the heat, and if there are any clouds, you wouldn’t be able to get a good view of the city.



Fushimi Inari Shrine, Tokyo

Fushimi Inari Shrine is a range of torii gates that go on for miles along the hillside and is frequented by thousands of tourists every week. The best part is that unlike other temples and shrines in the capital of Tokyo, this is completely free to visit. While it sounds great that there is no fee involved, it has become a curse for this location and tourists throng the place in large numbers. While it has the potential to become much more serene and peaceful, the crowd of tourists visiting this place every day doesn’t allow that. If you want a serene setting to visit this place, try your luck in the early morning before the tourists crowd out the place. If you cannot, it is better to give this place a skip in favor of other popular destinations like Entoku-in or Honen-in.



Jemaa el-Fna, Marrakech

Jemma el-Fna, which is the main square of Marrakech, is sort of an entryway to the streets of Medina. The place is filled with tourists by the time the sun starts going down, and the place attracts street food vendors, snake charmers, and even monkeys on leashes. It is definitely a sight to behold if you are planning on visiting this beautiful city, but you shouldn’t give the place more than a few minutes. The place is chaotic in the true sense, and you have to be alert if you don’t want to find your wallet and other belongings missing by the time you leave the place. If you are looking for good street food, there are tons of other places where you can enjoy the food minus the chaos.



Kuta, Bali

Most of the tourists who visit Bali are looking for stunning beaches, lush forests, Hindu temples, and some spiritual experience. Kuta doesn’t even have one of those things, so you better skip this resort town located on the southern tip of Bali. The overcrowded nature of Bali’s tourists can be best seen in Kuta, where tourists are often in an inebriated state thanks to the multiple shots of mai tais they have. The restaurants are equally disappointing, and you will find nothing but souvenir shops on the streets. Overall, you can give this place a skip and head out to Nusa Lembongan or Ubud instead.



The Temple Bar, Dublin

The Temple Bar is also the name of the location where this iconic pub with red walls is located.

One of the most photographed places in Dublin, you might be better off if you just take a photograph of this iconic place and move ahead. You can stroll down the cobblestone street and enjoy a pint or two of Irish stout but avoid going to the bar at all costs. The overcrowded pub is overpriced and is a tourist trap.



Graceland, Memphis

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll is associated with Graceland, where his iconic Memphis mansion is located. However, if you aren’t his fan or haven’t heard of him, you can skip this landmark as the place is overpriced and crowded with tourists at all times. The tours of the house are often uninteresting and rushed.



Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

Waikiki Beach is perhaps the most popular beach in all of Hawaii and is known for its cocktail bars, high-rise hotel buildings, brand stores, and stunning beach. If you are looking for clean, tropical beaches, skip the Waikiki Beach and head over to better, more secluded spots for a great experience. You can go to Yokohama Bay, a stunning cove where the waters hit the lush green mountains, or the Laniakea Beach, where you can spot turtles in the crystalline water.



The Trevi Fountain, Rome

Sitting in a huge piazza in downtown Rome, The Trevi Fountain is one of the most popular tourist locations in the city. The statue is indeed impressive, but be ready to tackle your way to the landmark because it is overcrowded with people. In fact, the city has recently announced that they are planning to build barriers in order to stop tourists from surrounding the grand fountain.



Gullfoss, Iceland

A few decades ago, Iceland felt like it was a different planet altogether – a wild and surreal place where you would hardly find any tourists. Fast forward to present times, and you can see hordes of tourists flocking to Iceland. With low-cost air travel and shorter travel times, people visit Reykjavik all the time from Europe and America. Gullfoss, which is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the Golden Circle, has lost its charm due to the endless tourists visiting the place.

While you cannot miss the large crowds completely, other places like Dettifos, Glymur, and Svartifoss are less crowded.