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Worst Times And Dates To Go On Your Vacation

Going on a trip is the most exciting time of the year. It provides a much-needed respite from our routine life while allowing us to explore different places. Days of planning go into making a vacation what it’s meant to be – relaxing and memorable.

However, a very crucial factor, which many of us fail to take into account, is the time we plan our vacation around. Making the mistake of heading for a trip during peak travel seasons or hours can turn your vacation into a loathsome experience. Moreover, prices of tickets and accommodation are also hiked during such times. Listed below are 10 times you must strike off from your shortlisted travel dates.


Thanksgiving and also the day prior to Thanksgiving

Everyone wants to spend the festivals with their families. No wonder there’s going to be a lot of rush at the airport if you choose to head home a day prior to Thanksgiving. A better idea, if it’s feasible for you, is to reach your destination a week before. Alternatively, you can attend the Thanksgiving family get-together virtually. We know it’s not going to feel the same, but having to spend hours at the airport is way worse.



Summer Fridays

Most people in the U.S travel during peak summer days leaving the airport at weekends jam-packed. Obtain a day’s leave from work and the pay cut would be worth it. Your trip will be supremely comfortable when you would not have to stand in security check queues for hours.




It’s a well-known fact that weekends and the first day of the week are the busiest days as far as the demand for flight bookings and hotel rooms are concerned. No doubt those offering these services are going to make the most of it by spiking up the prices. If you don’t want to be worried about expenses during your vacation, plan smartly leaving out these crowded days.