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17 DIY Projects That You Shouldn’t Take Up According To Home Improvement Experts (2 of 4)



Replacing of electrical panel

It certainly is a good idea to have a proper electrical panel that covers your house’s energy requirements, as it severely lowers any risk of a potential house fire. However, installing an electrical panel yourself isn’t really a great idea. Experts note that installing or replacing an electrical panel involves risk of code non-compliance and safety concerns such as electrical fires and electrocution as well. So it is better if you hire a licensed professional to handle such complicated tasks, rather than trying to DIY.



Drywall repairing

If you are confident that you can drywall a room yourself, think again. Hanging drywall isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as it requires a lot of skill and experience. Also, no matter how good you might think you are, it will never have the same level of finishing as work done by an expert.



Trying to finish unfinished rooms

Most people think that just because there is an unfinished attic, they have the best chance to add some drywall and framing, but if you are not hiring a professional to do this for you, you might actually find that this backfires big time.

If you have the architectural drawings, as well as the loads calculated by a contractor and an engineer ready, you might have a slight chance to pull off a DIY. However, if you have none of it ready, you’re preparing for disaster and nothing else.



Replacing windows

Replacing windows might seem to be a quite straightforward job – it actually isn’t. Even if you end up making one tiny error while swapping the windows, it will end up hurting your finances severely in the long run. Also, by installing them yourself, there is a high chance that you wouldn’t be able to get it right, which will increase your home’s energy bills. And finally, if there is even the slightest of gaps between the windows, you should prepare yourself for handling mold damage and water leaks every now and then. Don’t want to go through all this trouble? Well, you should hire a professional in that case.



Drilling holes for installation

Online tutorials make installing a TV look so simple – until you realize that you are going to need a much bigger budget to fix the bigger repair! When an amateur decides to drill holes into a wall, he or she doesn’t really know what pipes or wires are running in the back of their room’s wall. On the other hand, a home repair expert would be able to figure everything out and then install your TV in the best possible manner, without you having to go through the risk of electrocuting yourself, bursting a pipe, or causing a gas leak!