8 Science-Fiction Predictions that Turned Out True

When you think back through the years at TV shows and movies that attempted to predict the technologies of the future, a lot of them were pretty off. For instance, flying cars like from the Jetsons is probably never going to be possible due to the logistics of having millions of hunks of metal whisking through the air at the same time. Soylent Green will never be made of people. When 2004 arrived, Jean-Claude Van Damme was still unable to utilize time machine technology. But in other cases, technology predictions that seemed kind of ridiculous to imagine at the time have indeed become a reality. Here are 8 of them that we use today! 

Star Trek Communicator Kirk, Hand, Eyebrow, Jaw, Gesture

Star Trek — Communicators

Star Trek, which first aired in 1966, featured characters who were able to communicate with each other remotely using “communicators.” Keep in mind that back in those days, phones on cords and if you wanted to make a long-distance call, you needed the assistance of an operator. So the idea that you could contact anybody from anywhere — something that finally became a reality with the introduction of the flip phone three decades later — seemed really far-fetched at the time.