8 Clear Signs Your Girlfriend is Toxic

The key to a strong relationship is feeling love and support. So why do we guys sometimes feel like we’re never good enough for our girlfriends? It’s not always about us; we might be trying our absolute best to make our partners happy, but we always end up on the receiving end of jealousy, obsessive behavior and abusive tendencies. If this sounds like your relationship, read on and learn about the 8 signs that you’re in a toxic relationship. 

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1. All give, no take 

Do you get the feeling that your relationship is a one-way street? If you are the only one putting in the effort, the answer is probably “yes.” You try to make her birthday feel special, but she doesn’t do the same when your birthday comes. Or she demands that you follow a set of rules that she herself doesn’t have to abide by. This can only lead to constant dysfunction.