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8 Signs You’re In a Karmic Relationship

Think you and your partner will be together forever? It would be nice to imagine this, but there are no guarantees. In fact, you might be in what is described as a “karmic relationship” with your significant other and not even realize it. These types of relationships are labeled as such because while they might begin with feelings of intensity and intoxication, they ultimately do not last because the couple are blinded to the fact that they are fundamentally different people. But at least there is a silver lining: once the inevitable breakup does happen, the couple learn from the experience and seek out people who are more compatible. Here are 8 signs that you are in a karmic relationship. 

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There is an instant connection

When a karmic relationship starts, it doesn’t feel much different from other types of relationships. You might feel immediate chemistry, a strong physical attraction, and other elements that draw you together. Could you have met in a past life? We aren’t going down that rabbit hole. But one thing is clear: your feelings are intense and you really feel like you’ve got a lot in common. 

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The relationship is full of conflict

Things turn south pretty quickly. The intense feelings that you have for each other results in a lot of conflict and drama. You end up in a repetitive cycle in which you are arguing about the same things all the time. As a result, you get fed up and then call it quits only to get back together and try to make it work again. 

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It becomes exhausting

Because you are in a constant state of stress as a result of your relationship drama, you begin to feel emotionally and physically exhausted. One of the feelings evoked is the fear that the relationship will end, which of course always ends up being the case. There are limits to how much we can bear before it becomes too much. 

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It becomes an addiction

Much like a drug, your relationship becomes a harmful addiction. You feel as though you were drawn together for a reason, although the reasons are not entirely clear. You can’t get enough of each other even though you understand deep down that it’s not good for you. 

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You develop a codependency

Because of the incapability issues, karmic relationships are prone to codependency in couples. You momentarily forget who you are as an individual for the sake of the relationship. You spend as much time together as possible, you allow your partner to make decisions that you would never have made on your own, and you sacrifice your own needs and wants because you think it will avoid conflict. As a result, the respect, honesty and communication that serve as a foundation for a healthy relationship is lacking here.

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You feel an emotional rollercoaster

On the surface it seems as though you and your partner are the perfect fit. You might share the same sense of humor, for example. Or you enjoy the same hobbies or share some common beliefs. But in spite of this, the fact that you are constantly fighting is a clear indication that the relationship is full of instability. When the relationship comes to an end, you do learn about what you can tolerate and what your wants and needs in the relationship are. 

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It brings out your worst impulses

Another key element of a stable relationship is that the couple find ways to grow stronger together. This includes doing and saying things that lead to positive affirmation. Karmic relationships, on the other hand, possess none of this. Instead, it is characterized by jealousy, possessiveness, and paradoxically doing everything to sabotage the relationship even as the couple fear losing each other. 

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The relationship never feels settled and finally ends

At the start of a normal relationship, we all worry about what our partner will think of us. We are conscious of our more eccentric behaviors and try to taper things down until the relationship is more established. Once we feel comfortable, we let our guard down and become more who we actually are. This is not the case in karmic relationships. The couple are constantly on edge, act defensive, and seem to just be waiting for things to fall apart. The couple finally reach the understanding that their relationship was not meant to be. Ultimately, being with someone you love is meant to be fulfilling and bring happiness to your life, and anything else — especially misery — makes the drama of a karmic relationship completely not worth it. 


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