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8 Frustrating Dating Behaviors That Need to Stop

If you’re a single who goes on a lot of dates, you know that some turn out great and others are a complete bust. Although nobody likes wasting a couple of hours with a person who acts weird or obnoxious, at least it makes for a few amusing stories to share with your friends. At the same time, there is nothing more painful than thinking you’ve made a connection only to realize he’s not interested in a second date. But regardless, don’t get discouraged. Keep on looking and you’ll eventually find the right guy. In the meantime, here are 8 annoying behaviors that people on a date should never do. 

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1. Texting you constantly before you’ve met

Hey, we get that they’re really interested in getting to know you, but if they are telling you their life story and asking you about yours for days leading up to the date, it entirely defeats the purpose of going on the date in the first place. After all, what would there be left to talk about? Plus, it gives off the impression that he might be a clingy dork with no friends. 

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2. Fiddling around with their phones

Going on a date allows the couple to get to know each other better one-on-one and without distractions. So when they’re using their phones to check their Twitter feeds or to respond to a friend on Facebook, it can be absolutely infuriating. It’s one thing to respond to a legitimate emergency, but if they’re just checking to see if anybody liked their most recent posts, that’s just wrong. They had the entire morning to do this and since there’s no way this date is going to lead to anything, the entire evening as well. 

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3. Asking completing inappropriate questions

What kind of work do you do? What did you study in college? What do you like to do on weekends? Do you have a favorite movie? These are all perfectly fine “get to know you” questions. How long was your last relationship? What’s your favorite position? Have you ever had a one-night stand? These probably aren’t the things you’d be willing to share on a fifth date, much less your first! If those are the kinds of conversations theywant to have with a complete stranger, it’s perfectly reasonable to stand up and walk out of the establishment.

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4. Saying nothing at all

Some people aren’t much for conversation. They give a lot of short answers, or simply shrug and nod when appropriate. It could be that they are shy and introverted. But your responsibility isn’t to completely carry the conversation for an hour while they act like a brick wall. You are entitled to interaction, interest and effort from their end. After all, the goal of a date is to determine whether you are compatible. Don’t feel obligated to meet them again; a second date isn’t going to be any more insightful. 

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5. Trying to hard to impress or be liked

They bombard you with stories that have no point; they brag about their sweet 2009 Honda Accord; they do a lot of forced laughing because they want you to see that they’re having a great time. They might legitimately be nice guys (or at least harmless), but it appears that they are less concerned about genuine chemistry and hoping they can win you over with the power of their lame jokes. 

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6. Agreeing to a second date, but clearly not meaning it

When you meet a really great date and they ask if you’d like to do this again sometime, of course you’ll accept. And if you weren’t feeling it, we’d like to think you’d let them down easy but not lie. You wouldn’t want to get their hopes up, right? With that in mind, nothing sucks more than when you think you’ve had a good time, ask them for a second date, they agree, but there’s something about their awkward body language that leads you to believe their response isn’t sincere. Just let them go and move on. 

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7. Canceling at the last moment

Just as you value your time, you respect that other people value theirs as well. So when your date sends you a text message saying they have to cancel, it’s really mind boggling. Could it be an emergency situation? Sure, although you’d think they would at least tell you the reason or at least propose a new day to go on the date. If they don’t reschedule, it’s more likely that they’ve simply made other plans or just don’t want to go through with the date. Apparently devoting one or two hours of their life to get a coffee or meal with you is too much of a sacrifice.

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8. Not showing up at all

Okay, so technically this is a scenario in which the date doesn’t happen at all. Unfortunately, a lot of people have experienced the frustration of being stood up. All indications are that it’s still on, you get yourself dressed up, but when you wait at the agreed-upon location, he never comes and completely ghosts you. This is actually worse than the dreaded cancellation text because at least the guy had the decency to give you the heads-up that the date wasn’t happening. 


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