These 7 Must Do’s Will Make Your Relationship Last Forever

The initial few weeks in a relationship feel nothing less than a dream. You stay up chatting all night, sharing jokes, getting to know one another better, and yet can’t have enough of them. You thank your stars for blessing your life with this amazing person and are willing to do anything that it will take for the relationship to sustain. Letting go of this one isn’t something you can even imagine.

We can say with certainty that you felt the same way even in your previous relationships and went to extreme lengths to ensure nothing ever goes wrong. But, did your efforts reap fruits? A couple of months (or years maybe) into it and breaking up seemed to be the best option. So, what was it which caused it to come to an end? While it may be difficult to narrow it down to one or two reasons, you can’t say you didn’t see it coming. Something must have been off and neither of you tried or cared enough to mend it to turn things around.

We are now going to put all the speculations going on in your brain to rest and tell you 7 things that are of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping a relationship strong till the end of time.


Be a good listener

Among many other qualities, patient listening goes a long way in helping you maintain lifelong relationships, not just with your spouse, but also with others in general. Your attitude reeks of egoism if you interrupt others midway and force your opinion on them. On the other hand, simply nodding, not pitching in your ideas, and responding in a yes or no is even worse as it indicates you aren’t interested and have better things to do than engage in a conversation with them. Having deep talks with your partner is essential to give you an understanding of what’s going on with them and strengthen the bond you both share.



Never be afraid of being by yourself

Remember that this is a relationship you want to go on for your entire life. You can’t be doing each and everything together. Therefore, it is no big deal if your girlfriend wants to go on a trip with her friends leaving you to yourself. At the same time, you too should not be made to feel bad for having a sleepover at a friend’s place (obviously in case you informed them beforehand.) Spending time alone or in the company of others gives you a break and it is ensured that neither of you feels burdened by the relationship.



Be yourself, straight from the start

The importance of being oneself and not faking a thing is often overlooked. Understandably, you are smitten with this person and you too want to appear irresistible to them. But, pretending to be someone you are not can wreck it all because the other person never gets to know who the real you is. You can’t go on hiding your true self all your life. Get this straight. It is okay to have flaws, to have some bad habits, to not be confident in every situation, to want to choose the lesser chosen path at times. Not one being is perfect. Embrace everything about yourself and leave it to them to either have you the way you are or continue their quest for their perfect one.



Check in

Who doesn’t like having that one special person in our lives who cares enough to ask us about how our day went or ensures that there isn’t anything that’s bothering us? We all face a ton of problems in our everyday lives and having someone to patiently listen to us and tell us that it would all be fine calms the mind like nothing else. You may yourself be having a lot to deal with, but that serves as no excuse for your growing lack of concern for your partner. Moreover, it gives you both an opportunity to take some time out of your hectic lives, to forget all your troubles, and to immerse yourself in a soothing chat.