24 Alarming Signs Your Man Is Cheating (2 of 5)



Gut Instinct

When something goes wrong, sometimes our gut instinct kicks in. While it’s alright to use this for grounds that he might be cheating on you, it’s also worth checking yourself. How often does this happen in your relationships? We say this because if it happens on a regular basis, it could be that you have issues with your trust and your self-esteem too.



Enthusiasm For A New Colleague

From a new colleague to a new friend, one big sign is whether or not they talk about this individual excessively. Of course when there is someone new in the office or in your circle of friends, you’ll be talking about them. However there is a difference between them being a conversation topic and them bringing them up at every opportunity.



Getting Hints From Family & Friends

While the opinions of family and friends is subjective, they can still be relied on to some extent in this area. If you start to notice how family members have awkward silences when discussing their love for their partner or they laugh awkwardly when you joke about the potential of cheating, they could know something you don’t.



The Use Of Accusations

A strong way to tell if he’s cheating is to look at how he frames responses. To this point a lot of this could be grounds for him cheating, but it comes down to how he phrases things. For many cheaters, they often shift the blame and begin to accuse you of your false judgement.

They call you crazy or jealous and brush you off. But that doesn’t answer the question.

Signs that he isn’t cheating is that he’s showing signs of being hurt. He wouldn’t be on the defensive nor throw any kind of accusations.



Showing Texts And Emails (Or Not)

A tad unusual but it still is a sign in certain circumstances. For one, it’s easy to clear messages and calls from your phone and in certain cases delete specific text messages and calls. Where this behaviour is suspect is where you see a lot of cleared messages and he’s refusing to let you check his phone bill.

On the reverse, another behaviour is when he closes his phone up from you as well. From big things like looking at texts and emails to something as innocent as opening a timer app, it’s worth looking at their behaviour around such things. If he usually doesn’t mind giving you his phone so you can set a timer and then suddenly refuses, that’s unusual.