25 Woman Wardrobe Essentials

Regardless of how you feel about shopping or wardrobe needs, every woman should have the basics covered. The ability to mix and match anything in a wardrobe is a sign that you at least want to be looking good in what you are sporting.

Now, that’s not to say you need to have a closet stuffed with trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories. There are some basic items that are tried and true and are all you really need.

So while you’re going through this list, be sure to look through your wardrobe and make sure you have the following items.


Seasonal Clothing

The first category we want to cover is seasonal clothing. These aren’t in any particular order, but they are essential for obvious reasons.

  • First is a swimsuit. Can be a one piece or a bikini, it doesn’t matter. Having one type (or both types) is key because there are always opportunities to go for a swim. Places like country clubs, or local gyms ensure that you can swim at any occasion.
  • Second is a classic winter coat. While not every place has to deal with winter, it’s still smart to have this handy. A sudden trip to New York or Chicago during the winter months will ensure you stay warm during the trip.
  • A cardigan is another seasonal outfit but it’s a versatile one to have in your wardrobe. These are breezy and lightweight, making it great for warm temperatures. Not only that, but it works great with sundresses, blouses, t-shirts, and tank tops. It even gets a pass as a wedding dress if need be.




The second category is footwear. There are all kinds of shoes out there but you don’t need to go out of hand. For this list, you can use a pair of shoes to cover several of these categories potentially.

  • First you want some high heels. These are statement heels that make you look longer, leaner, and sexier. Even if your body is going to hate you for it, having a pair will be nice. For the undecided, go for nude coloured heels as they can work with pretty much any pattern or dress colour.
  • Black boots is the next on the list. Considering the abundance of these types of boots, this is a classic look that won’t be going out of style soon. What’s also nice is there is a wide selection of boots. So pick out which one you like. There is no wrong choice here.
  • Another good pair of shoes to have is some canvas sneakers. Ideal for walking through the park, going to the grocery store, or chilling at a coffee shop, some sneakers are nice for any casual occasion.
  • Comfy flats are some footwear that you can’t live without once you’ve tried them out. Like sneakers, these are comfortable and practical, but they also accentuate a look a little more.
  • Black pumps are another essential because they can work with any kind of style you are going for. They even work well with jeans or other casual outfits.




Call it the miscellaneous section, but these are things that will accentuate your look without you applying any kind of makeup.

  • First, get a metallic clutch bag. This is a bag meant for the occasions where you want to add some more glam to your look. You don’t need to go crazy with the bag either. Anything that sparkles or one that’s gold, silver, or bronze will do.
  • Speaking of accessories, jewelry and accessories in general are nice. In terms of what you need at the minimum is some semi-precious stones that can work well with outfits.
  • Third is a patterned scarf. We have it in this section because it’s both practical but can also accentuate a look depending on where you’re living. Of course it can keep your neck warm in colder temperatures, but the pattern can add more to a fancy or laidback look as well.
  • Along with a clutch bag, a handbag is a versatile tool that every woman should have. It helps with carrying items and can add a great sense of class and elegance. Not only that but if you get one handbag, that bag will last you a lifetime.