How Your Shoes Identify Who You Are

There are many things that define our personality, but one thing that people mention sometimes is the type of footwear you have. Now a person’s personality isn’t entirely dictated by what they are wearing, but based on the footwear, our shoes can identify some aspects about ourselves.

Similar to tattoos, what we wear can be called as a statement. This statement can be who we are or how we see the world around us. Now all of this is speculation as there has yet to be any kind of scientific research to suggest any of what we’ll be telling you.

However, we’d still encourage you to read on. While the findings aren’t backed, they could be interesting and maybe a little accurate to who you are. It’s enlightening to say the least.


Flip Flops For The Lazy People

On lazy days, people love to pull out some flip flops and walk around the beach or something. Those times it’s okay. But when you are the type of person who wears these as their shoes of choice, this could suggest you’re lazier than average.

Why? Because flip flops inherently aren’t designed to cover long distances. Meaning you’re walking less and relaxing more than someone wearing footwear designed for walking.



Stilettos For The Materialistic Women

This is based on fashion experts findings. They say that those who wear stilettos are ones who want to be fully independent or have ambition. Others have stated those with stilettos want to marry rich or are after a rich man.

Regardless, both of these have matching themes: they’re materialistic one way or another.



Difference Between Trendy And Retro

If you find some people changing shoes at a rapid pace, chances are those people are fashion victims. These are the people who are following every fashion trend regardless of what the shoes are.

Shoes, boots, high heels, or flats – what matters to them is that they are “in fashion”. You can best describe these people as wanting to please people at all times or wanting to stay relevant.

This is different to those who rarely change their shoes and yet they still stay relevant. They’re not old fashion, but merely going for a classic look. Think jeans except for shoes.

When you’re around people who have older shoes, but keep well, you’re dealing with someone who is loyal and is confident about their choices. After all, they have one look and are showing dedication to that look.



Mountain Or Hiking Boots For The Adventurer

This one is an obvious one in most circumstances as you might’ve guessed. If you’re dealing with steep or muddy terrain, you’ll whip out these boots. However the adventurer is someone who whips these boots out for any occasion.

Going to the local market? They’ll wear these boots.

At a restaurant? Boot ’em up.

There are so many scenarios where these boots would make it unusual in these settings. Regardless, this is clear that the person loves their long treks through woods and forests.



Bright & Neon Shoes For The Partiers

If you were around in the 1990s you might remember the various commercials of shoes that light up. That or you recall them being an absolute must have if you were a raver who respected yourself.

Well, we’re not in the 1990s any more, but that label has still carried on to this day. Anyone sporting these quirky shoes are often the extroverts.



Fancy Italian Leather Shoes For The Players

You know those guys. These guys are in a unique category in themselves. First, this category is exclusive to men. But don’t feel too disappointed ladies. This category is reserved for men who value his shoes like the very few other things in his life.

This type of man is someone who will not wear expensive pants or shirts, but his shoes will cost a much larger sum. Not only that, but any chance to show these shoes off, he’ll take it.

Even at a beach in the summer heat.



Wedged Heels For Feminists

Heels are often portrayed as powerful, but one step above that these days is the wedged heels. From other fashionistas, they’ve said these heels are ideal for women who have a strong sense of self and know who they are. These are also great for women who are outgoing as well.

This can describe a feminist and it makes sense. After all, Kate Middleton, portrays these traits and she can often be seen wearing these types of shoes.



Flats For Confident Folk

Regardless of how you feel about these shoes, these are normally supported by two types of people: either super tall folk, and/or those confident in themselves.

Flats are more comfortable while standing and walking great distances. The idea with this is the wearer is focused on more important things than what they are wearing.



Knee-High Boots For The Flirty

There’s something to be said about knee-high boots that people find sexy. That’s likely because these boots are designed to display more of the legs. And there is something about legs that we find attractive.

While you won’t find guys wearing these in normal circumstances, these boots scream for attention for good reasons and women will strut around in these if they want it. Though the long and slender legs in some cases can be only an illusion.



Sneakers For The Energetic

According to fashion specialists, those who are always wearing sneakers are energetic and youthful. These are the walkers, joggers, sprinters of the world. You can walk up to them and chat with them with ease and are usually helpful folk too.



Loafers For Perfectionists

Loafers are comfortable, but when they are the shoes of choice, they can describe people as detail-driven and responsible individuals. They are also a perfectionist, ensuring every detail is covered properly.



Dazzling Heels For Insecure Types

While we don’t think much of it, it does make sense when you think more about it. Beautiful and fancy heels can bring in a lot of attention, but it’s important they aren’t too dazzling.

After all, heels that seem too high for the person or chunky can take away that beauty. And all that’s left is a big tell that the person is insecure about their height or their looks.



Cheap Worn-Down Shoes For The “Liberals”

Not to get political here, but you’ll find those who are “frugal” to be the ones settling with bottom of the barrel footwear. We’re talking about dirty shoes, any shoes bought second-hand or are dirty.

These people may not be liberals in the literal sense, but these are the people who care about the practicality of footwear. If it covers their feet during cold weather, that’s good enough.



Work Boots For Hard Workers

These are the neighbourhood handy-men and women. Whether it’s a personal project or a heavy duty job, those with these boots are practical and have ways of fixing things one way or another.



Mixed Coloured Sneakers For The Versatile

As mentioned, sneakers are generally associated with those with a lot of energy. But this rule applies to any kind of sneaker, not just simple designed ones. Think of these shoes as the Nike ones with various colours and laces with a unique – but thematic – pattern.

The thing with these sneakers is these belong to any age group.



Hipster Shoes

Hipsters have evolved over the years since the 1950s and you can tell just by the type of shoes that a hipster could wear. These shoes can include cowboy boots, sneakers, vintage shoes, various flats, or other wacky shoes.

That being said, these shoes would also form a good combo with the rest of the hipster look. First, the shoes need to fit with their socks and also work well with their glasses too.



Expensive Shoes For The Wealthy

While you’d think those rolling in billions wouldn’t buy sneakers, there are sneakers out there that cost way more money than any pair of dress shoes. Either way, if you see someone wearing some gaudy shoes, this is a clear sign this person has money and is usually aggressive, disrespectful, and obnoxious.

These are the people who will go out and buy the most expensive shoes on the market all so they can flaunt their wealth.

This is key because these shoes don’t even have to look good at all. So long as these shoes aren’t affordable by the majority of people, they’ll take it.



Flashy Shoes For Superficial Girls

Not to say guys can’t be superficial, but in cases of footwear of this type, 99% of the time it’s women sporting this footwear. For this in particular, this is the type of person who wants to make an appearance and put on a spectacle for only a moment.

Because if you look more at it, the more it starts to lose it’s flashiness.

While it’s flashy for sure, there isn’t a whole lot of appeal of seeing a girl strutting with pointy-toed pumps that contrast with her satin slingback. These girls aren’t the brightest, but they sure put on a flashy show.



The Mass Collection Of Boxed Shoes For The Stressed

Call it a hoarding problem, but those who are stressed will often have boxes upon boxes of new shoes waiting in their closest. Why so many shoes? So they have a pair of shoes for the proper occasion.

Every new event is a reason for them to go and buy some more shoes whether it’s for a birthday party, a wedding, going on a new date, etc.

They’d stop if they could, but this is more of a mental thing than anything else. Some researchers have suggested that these impulses are due to worry over appearance or being judged.