The 23 Mistakes Will End Up Hurting Your Game In The Dating World

In the wild dating arena, the one who breaks all rules gets the throne most of the time. As such, when being cliché can’t get you the one you want, the existence of a rulebook for the most favourable outcome becomes void. Well, don’t be disheartened. Even if there isn’t a set of things that you can do, there might be a few you can most definitely avoid to not screw things up. More so, perhaps cupids’ blessings may fall on this minority who do follow the advice we have just for you, that is carefully handpicked by our very own matchmakers, therapists, and dating experts. So let’s see how to bungle in the jungle.


You ignore the initial warnings

It’s understandable if you want to settle down with the person whom you find attractive or feel a connection. But, if you have already started noticing their aspects which you don’t like much, don’t push them aside. Just because your partner is fine with all your faults and overlooks your mistakes, it doesn’t mean you need to put up with everything that they do. Mark my words, it will bother you more in the long run if it has started bothering already. Say what you feel to do good to both.



You love the potential and aim for transforming

Have you ever thought of bringing about a change in someone and loving them for their potential? Well if so, you should be their best friend and not their date. When in the dating world, where people try to present their best selves forward, accept them for who they are and love them for seeing you the same. Yes, there might be flaws, but then again it is your choice whether you can live with it or if it’s a deal-breaker.



You lose yourself and your closed ones

It has been seen that people push everyone in their life just to be with their partner. Everyone else’s importance in your life might seem to be decreasing because of your increasing connection with your significant one, but this might be a leading path to disaster. Forgetting your ways and losing sight of who you are will put you at a higher risk of being vulnerable during hard times in the relationship or breakups. Also, the people who back you up always will be lost.



You can’t identify the line between chemistry with lust

This thin line is very difficult to identify. Few of us don’t let things spice up more just because of the misinterpretation of chemistry as lust. It isn’t the sexual tension but the simple ‘emotion’ that two people get when they share a special connection. It makes you want to meet the person again. Lust is a one-time thing, but chemistry is something that grows with time. So, don’t miss out on that spark and give it time to blossom.



Loneliness can be the one that drives you

A one-man army may not stand for long but that shouldn’t be the reason to search for company. Its fine for a relationship to be a want but not a need when in such situations. Let things be organic and take its course. Don’t let the void in you to be left to be filled by the one you desire because when it becomes a need, love will become secondary.