Check Out The List Of Colors You Should Avoid Painting Your Home With

A lot goes into decorating and designing the interiors of your house – especially when we’re talking about the color you use the paint the rooms. A freshly painted room gives off positive vibes and improve the aesthetics of your home, after all. And picking a color isn’t that easy, with one hue different than the other, and certain shades falling in the “don’t” section in terms of choice for most people. So, if you are confused about which color hue you wish to paint your home with, do keep in mind these expert tips that suggest the colors that shouldn’t be used in certain rooms.


Don’t use white in the bathroom

White is increasingly becoming one of the most popular colors people use to paint their bathrooms. However, that brand sparkling looks only last for a short time, before you start noticing stains on those white walls. Most bathrooms are probably the most dirtiest looking room in the home, and painting it in white isn’t just the most intelligent choice!

Instead, you can be daring and go with bold color choices such as orange or coral pink! According to experts, this allows you to be yourself and express your “true colors”.



Please don’t use it in your office either

With more and more people working remotely now, a lot of people now wish to have a comfortable office in their home. And you should strictly avoid painting it in white, according to expert Courtney Keene, who is the head of operations at MyRoofingPal. According to her, the white color often leads to a strain on the eyes and can make you feel tired quite quickly. And if you work on a computer, this can be a really difficult thing to handle.

Further, white surroundings often cause anxiety in people, apart from tiring them quite quickly. While painting a room white makes it look slightly bigger, the shadows it generates defeats the whole purpose as it makes it boxy and lifeless. So, avoid painting your home office white.



Say no to red in the bedroom

While red is a favorite color of a lot of people, it shouldn’t really have a place in the bedroom, according to the experts. The color is associated with evoking a very strong emotional and physical response – and not in a nice way, for sure.

The reason behind this is the fact that our brains have been wired to have a visceral response to red, as it is the same color of our blood. And that immediately tells our mind that there is danger, which gets all the blood pumping and heartbeat increasing. That isn’t the feeling you would like to have while you try to fall asleep after a busy day at work.