Major Reasons Why Women Cheat, According To Experts

Cheating while being in a relationship is a big no-no, but despite that, coming across cheating partners is not that uncommon! Though it might seem like a hurtful mindless act on the surface, there is a lot that might be going in the mind of the cheater. Read on to find the reason that your woman might be seeking something more than you can offer.


The most common misconception that can be there is that men cheat more often than women – but that’s not the case at all. Sadly enough, both genders cheat by more or less the same. While the number might be the same, the reasons can be a whole different story.

More often than not, it could be a lack of passion or love in the relationship with the primary partner, seeking a sexual variance or even factors based on situations like being on a vacation or getting so drunk that the ability to take the decision is affected.

The famous dating site for married couples, Ashley Madison recently made headline causing waves regarding the infidelity situation. It is a revolutionary dating site made for people who are on the lookout for an extramarital affair. The site released data saying that the first few months are the hardest for couples and they see a rise in customers during January and mostly continuing till February; making these the most profitable months for the website. Not only that, but the rate of filing for divorce is also subsequently higher post-holidays. Most lawyers see a hike in the divorce rate after major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Confirming this statistic is USA Today, which also believes that mid-January is the peak divorce season! And if you’re looking to avoid reaching that point in your relationship and making sure your partner doesn’t ride the infidelity train read on – read on!

Women who cheat are severely frowned up and here is the first reason why they might pursue cheating despite the backlash that they might receive if and when they are caught.

Even though the apparent differences are very low between why a man cheats and what motivates a woman to cheat, it is common for people to believe that men have a higher percentage of chance to cheat while in a relationship. A most common explanation is higher sex drive and how most men are incapable of ‘keeping it in their pants’ , but studies show that despite what the adage says, these misconceptions do not have a lot of value attached to them.

Weighing in on the situation is Zhana Vrangalova, who is a ‘sexpert’ with a Ph. D working at LELO while also being a Professor of Human Sexuality working at New York University. According to her, in a traditional sense, men are very likely to cheat due to the need for sexual variety or a situation being presented to them, while women just might be unhappy in the relation. While such traditional dialogue might still be true, the gap between the genders’ cheating is diminishingly small with the newer generations. ‘Not only is the rate but even the reasons for taking part in infidelity are pretty much common’, Dr. Zhana noted.

A study conducted recently showed that men had higher chances of cheating due to sexual desires and need for a variety or just because they were drunk (situational factors).

While there might be some variations, the three most observed reasons that both genders followed can be summed very easily. They are lack of having love, need for variety, and lastly – situational factors that present themselves.