25 Amazing Date Ideas To Make Your Significant Other Feel Special

Dates are amazing for a couple to get to know each other and spend some quality time together. You may want to have a casual date where you catch up with each other over a cup of coffee or go to the movies together. But going on the same routine dates can become a tad bit boring too right?

Some occasions call for an elaborate date planning to spend some memorable time together.

However, anything else other than these casual dates may be too heavy for your pocket. If you are thinking of planning a special surprise date for your partner, but are out of ideas, we are here for your rescue!

Here are some ideas to make your significant other feel special, without burning a hole in your pocket-


Play Date in the Water

Spend a day in your residential pool, go to a beach or to a water park. Spend a day playing in the water, soak up some sun and enjoy some rides. In case one or both of you don’t know how to swim, you can always take up swimming classes together!



Canvas and Wine

Spend a day to bring out your inner artist and impress your partner with your painting skills.

Even if your painting doesn’t turn out as you expected it to, you can always turn to some wine and try to forget what you just painted!



Enroll in a class

Learning something new with your partner can be amazingly fun. You can join a class together, it may be a cooking class or you may learn a new language too. To improve your chemistry, you can take up dance lessons too!



A little picnic

Picnics are the perfect idea for a relaxing date. You can go to a park, lay out your blanket in the lap of nature, take out your favorite book and eat your favorite snacks with your loved one. Well, that’ll surely be a day well spent!



Drink and Dance

Go to a dance club with your partner, have your favorite snacks, do some shots and dance through the night. Get on to the music, groove up your body and enjoy your night in the club. If you dislike clubbing, you can drink and dance at your home, and carry on the party in your bedroom, if you know what we mean!



The Wine Tasting Date

You can go for a tour of your local winery and enjoy some wine. A little wine can do wonders for you both to open up yourself to your partner. Take some wine home, and you may end up being cozy with each other.




This date idea is perfect for a cozy night in your home, with a telescope. Lying under the starry sky makes up for an amazing romantic date. Quite a perfect romantic night to play ‘You’re a sky full of stars’ by Coldplay for your partner!



A relaxing spa day

Have a little self-care day with your loved one. You can massage each other, create a romantic set up with scented candles, some rose petals and body oils. It’s time to moisturize, exfoliate and have a relaxing date.



Cozy-up to watch a movie together

No need to spend bucks on watching a movie in a theatre. Decorate the room with some fairy lights or candles, bring in your favorite snacks and watch your favorite movie together. Just Netflix and Chill!



Concert Night

Plan to go to a concert with your partner. Pick your favorite band and groove to their tunes at the concert. Listen to your favorite band and dance away with your loved one.



Cook up your favorite dish together

Have some quality time in the kitchen. Prepare your favorite dish, or bake a cake or some cookies together. If you are really good at cooking, go for preparing a 5-course meal together. Sounds like a delicious date!



The Game Night

Dig out some old board games or the deck of cards. If you wish to rev-up your minds, a little game of chess will be perfect. You can naughty-fy your games with a little strip tease too!



Recreate your first date

No matter how much time passes by, first dates always remain special. Recreate them or pretend to meet up for the first time. A little role-playing is always fun and you may carry that to the bedroom, too!



It’s Storytime

Bring out your favorite book and read it to your loved one. It’ll be better if you bring a romantic novel. Try to find out some lines that you would really want to read to your significant other. You can also try to make out some alternate endings to make things more interesting.



Visit an Art Museum

Museums are a great place to visit with your loved one if you both are art enthusiasts. Visit an art museum, try to understand the meaning of paintings. Grab a little coffee afterward and don’t forget to buy a souvenir.



Go for a little trip

When the weekend’s coming, it’s time for a getaway trip. Pack up your bags and go for a road trip to a beautiful resort. Relax on your weekend and spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city.



A Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a perfect way to spend a night singing songs that are special to your relationship or songs, which both of you grew up singing. It will be a perfect date idea for creating memories of you both rocking to some old tunes!



A day in the bed

Have a lazy weekend with your partner. Stay in bed the whole day, order up some pizza, binge on your favorite shows and cuddle up with your partner. Well, it sounds like a day well slept!



Get fit together

Go for a workout date and exercise together. Go to a gym, join an aerobics class or go for yoga. You can also go cycling in the locality and catch up on some smoothies and salads. You can improve your stamina for the bedroom while on your dates, which sounds like a win-win!



Start a YouTube channel together

There are so many couple YouTube channels that are fun to watch. You can make vlogs on your dates, your trips and give a glimpse of your relationship. Even if you don’t become YouTube stars, you are creating memories!



The treasure hunt

A little game of treasure hunt is a fun way of spending a day with your partner. Drop them hints like ‘The place where we first met’ or ‘The place where we went on our first date’. You can also get a little naughty for the treasure hunt. Sounds like a perfect idea of reviving old memories and creating new ones!



Have a Staycation

Get an extravagant hotel room and spend a day there. Have a day at the pool, or go for a couple’s spa and eat some exotic food. No need to go on a trip, just a night at the hotel will be perfect to get away from routine life.



Do social service together

If you both are passionate about a social cause, it is perfect to volunteer together. You can volunteer in an animal shelter, or on a cleanliness drive or participate in a Pride Parade or visit an old-age home to make some new friends. It’s always a good idea to work for a cause with your loved one!



Look into an open house

If you are planning to move in together, you can go to a house that’s on sale. You can picture your dream house and give ideas as to how you are going to decorate your house together. But if you aren’t dating for a long time, it’s advised not to go with this date.



A Day with the Puppies

Visit a pet shop and play with little puppies. It’s a perfect date idea for dog lovers and if you are serious in your relationship, you can adopt a puppy to move a step ahead in your relationship.