Some Simple Everyday Things That Are Actually Quite Rude

Have you ever closed the door behind you and failed to realize there was someone right behind you? Or how about stepping into an elevator and forgetting to keep the door open as another person is rushing to get in?

Things like this happen all the time and it’s natural these days that people make these accidental etiquette mistakes. It’s easy to brush these things off.

However some of the actions we’ll be discussing here are not as obvious, but are still rude to do nonetheless. These too can be brushed off with no worries, but they’re still coming off as rude.


Etiquette For Speech

For example, using the words “just” or “actually” in conversation.

Not only are these words fillers and unnecessary in speech, but they carry a lot of weight depending on how they’re used. Consider the following sentences:

“I need that report by next week.”

“Actually, I need that report by next week.”

Consider the next two sentences too:

“You need to work out more.”

“You just need to work out more.”

As we said above, these words are filler words that add nothing to the conversation. They also come off as mean. Furthermore, using these words tends to soften your position in a debate as well, so they’re not good words to have in your vocabulary.

On the note of vocabulary, what’s also rude is not saying “please” and “thank you”. Especially to those in service-based positions. When we were kids we were told to say “please” and “thank you” often and these days this is overlooked. From placing orders to everyday feeling rushed, these things can get overlooked.

But lacking those things is still pretty rude and sometimes you can make people’s days by showing some appreciation. Remember, it’s those at the bottom of the food-chain in the service industry that make the backbone of any business. Without barista’s, clerks, and all entry level workers, things would be much worse and not run as smooth as they do now.