13 Ways To Get Motivated After Post-Holiday Blues

The week after Christmas can seem like a drag. Even the time after the turn of the new year can be a drag as well. After enjoying a rather large holiday break, the idea of getting back to work can be a massive drag. After all, the next long weekend isn’t any sooner until Easter.

It’s easy for us all to fall into a slump and find work completely unbearable. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can break out of that holiday slump and boost your productivity.


Make A To-Do List

While some people say to-do lists are a waste of time, they’re not. They are a strong method in keeping everything in check and organized. After all, how are you going to stay on top of everything if you’re not aware of what must be done.

A to-do list helps you in putting together what must be done and can also help you put together a proper work flow.



Express Gratitude

When we are going to work, it’s easy to get into that grind and forget about why we’re going to work. Work also has a way of getting us into a place where we forget about the things that we’re grateful for.

It’s for these reasons we ought to start our morning off in a positive way. This can be done by expressing gratitude for the things in our lives and the things that our work brings us.



Decorate The Office With Holiday Photos

While this might seem unusual, it makes sense from a motivational standpoint. Reminding yourself of good times can be motivational for some people, especially when you bring those memories with you to the office.

What I’m suggesting is bringing a few photos to remind you of those times. The photo should help you as a reminder of the love and connection that comes from the holidays. Even if they are over, we still have those memories.



Get A Plant

On the note of getting photos, plants also are helpful too. Today, there is a lot of research that proves that having a plant at home reduces stress. The same is true at the office. Not only that, but some plants can release chemicals that enhance productivity too. Consider a 2009 study that found those recovering from any surgery had lower blood pressure and lower anxiety levels when they had plants around them.

While you won’t be going right to work after surgery, of course, the fact remains that there is something in plants that benefits people in all kinds of situations.