27 Hilarious Parenting Advice From Celebrities

Parenting is something that we all suffer through and that many people can relate to. That’s especially true when it comes to celebrities. Over the years, celebrities have gone to social media to post about their parenting woes and add some personality to the people that we normally fawn over and think little of their daily lives.

Below we share some of the hilarious moments and lessons that celebrities have to share revolving around raising kids.


Raising A Fashion Critic

Reading time is a good way to bond and educate your kids, but sometimes kids can take it too far. Take Lin-Manual Miranda’s tweet about reading Go, Dog, Go to her children for example.



Persuading Kids To Hurry Up

Not necessarily leaving the nest, but if you want to speed up the daily comings and goings of kids, here is one way you can speed the process up. It’s a tweet from Saturday Night Live star Ana Gasteyer.



Building Team Players

Want people to get along more, consider the advice from Andy Richter, which is recommended if the at-home yelling has become less effective.



Making Pregnancy Easier

Many fathers-to-be have asked Ryan Reynolds time and again for his words of wisdom on fatherhood. Specifically, they’ve been asking him for advice on how to make the pregnancy process easier.



Working With Makeup

This is a message for moms everywhere: what do you do when your baby spits up on you? According to Season 17 The Bachelor’s winner Catherine Giudici, she says to keep blending.



Staying Positive

While there are a lot of struggles with parenting, there is a lot of good too. Chrissy Teigen takes time to remind us about those small moments.



Proper Way To Floss

Bad Moms star Christina Applegate leans into her character on advice on how to floss properly.

“I once took very good and clean floss out of the trash to floss her teeth. She yelled at me.”

It’s funny, but it’s also a reminder about some of the shortcuts parents pull out too.



Teaching Responsibility

Conan O’Brien has some good advice about responsibility:

“Buying your kid a goldfish is a great way to teach them about responsibility for 24-36 hours.”

He’s not wrong about that and of course there are other ways to teach this lesson.



Handling A Large Family

“If you want to know what it’s like to have a 4th kid. Just imagine you are drowning and someone hands you a 4th kid.” – Jim Gaffigan



Helping During Birth

“Being a dad isn’t just about eating a huge bag of gummy-bears as your wife gives birth. It means being comfortable with a word “hero”.” – Ryan Reynolds



Multitasking Done Right

“YES I know what “parenting” is. That’s the thing where I mildly say “OK, come on, you guys” over and over without ever looking up from my phone.” – Ken Jennings



Teaching Songs To Kids

“There should be a children’s song ‘If you’re happy and you know it, keep it to yourself and let your dad sleep.” – Jeff Gaffigan



Distraction Tactics

“If you have a smallish child, tell them you have something in your eye and want them to look for it. Then just sit back and enjoy the faces they make as they look into your eye.” – Kelly Oxford



Getting Precious Alone Time

“PARENTING FOR DUMMIES: just say “well, where did you last see it?” And they leave for a minute.” – Ken Jennings



Keeping The House Clean

“My kid found a jar of chocolate covered almonds & scattered them across the floor. I did the only logical thing and cleaned* them up. *ate.” – Kristen Bell



Being A Good Partner

“ADVICE FOR NEW FATHERS: Nobody likes raising kids, so just shut up and pitch in.” – Andy Richter



Investing In Their Future

“Good parenting means investing in your child’s future, which is why I am saving to buy mine a hoverboard someday.” Lin-Manuel Miranda



Convincing People You’re A Nice Mom

“Gonna wear a loose braid today so people think I’m a good person.” – Nicole Richie



Keeping Them Away From Being Parents Too Soon

“If you’re worried about your teenagers procreating, put them on a 6 hour flight with our kid. Changes guaranteed. :thumb emoji:” – Olivia Wilde

Getting your kid to sit near toddlers in general will likely help too.



Keeping Them In Line

“Parenting Tip: If your child is crying, hold it close & whisper “You don’t have a clue what horrors this world holds.” – Rob Delaney

Dark advice for sure, but it might work. Scared kids make it quite docile.



Getting Peace And Silence

“Tip: It’s important parents take little “time outs” for themselves too. Even if you feel pretty guilty when you return 14 years later.” – Ryan Reynolds



Dealing With Kid Smells

“I think that when you have small kids, you just have to be ok with the fact that your car will always smell like slightly rotten apples.” – Busy Philipps.

There are worse smells of course, but remind yourself that every smell could be even worse.



Getting Them To Do The Work For You

“Surprisingly easy to teach a baby is to swipe right.” – Ryan Reynolds

Certainly something parents can appreciate.



Keeping A Kid Expensively Appeased

“If you’d like to know what parenting is like in 2015, this Toy Boat is $70. That’s pretty much it.” – Adam Scott

With the cost of living rising up, keeping kids entertained is getting expensive too. But remember it’s all for the greater good.



Handling Sleepless Nights

“… That time you think having a sleepover with your 3 year old daughter will actually entail sleep :sleep emoji: :frown emoji: #maybegotfourhours “facepalm emoji: :sigh emoji: it’s a good thing she’s so dang cute!” – Kelly Clarkson



Avoiding A Scene

“Worst idea of the day.. The ornament section of Bloomingdales with a two year old. :shocked emoji:” – Hilary Duff



Maintaining Romance With Your Partner

“Moms: now is the perfect time to tell your husband that his Father’s Day gift tomorrow will be the fact that you always replenish the TP.” – Ana Gasteyer