These Tricks Will Help You Lose An Inch Or Two Instantly

Has the most awaited day arrived when your longtime crush asked you out on a date and now you are regretting always putting off your workout plan? Or, is your BFF about to get hitched and you want to look the hottest maid of honor?

Every time we make a workout plan, we are not able to put it into practice for more than three to four days or maximum a week. Most of us aren’t happy with our bodies and want to hit the gym and get rid of those extra pounds of fat, but our hectic work schedules and our laziness coupled with our love for some extra bedtime don’t allow us.

Whatever the occasion, we want to be dressed to kill. However, at times, we make such blunders in picking up our clothes and accessories that we end up ruining our looks instead. But you don’t have to be worried anymore. We have compiled a list of a few little dressing tricks and some wardrobe must-haves that will be of immense help for you to perfect any look – be it office, college, party, get together, anniversary or just a regular day out with friends.

And no matter what the occasion there is – two things you mustn’t leave your home or even your room (in case you are having a party at home) without. It’s your smile and confidence.


Vertical Stripes

Stripes are never going to go out of vogue. They add a fun element to your look and are ideal for any place or event. Pair your striped pants with casual shoes or flat sandals to complete your diva look. Make sure both your top and bottom don’t have stripes though. And, never ever go for horizontal stripes. They make you look much plumper than you actually are.



Just one color

There are numerous advantages of getting dressed head-to-toe in one color. Firstly, there doesn’t have to be all the worrying of would-this-color-go-with-this. Secondly, you will look elegant and at the same time it wouldn’t look like you’ve put in much effort into getting yourself ready.




Each time we are back from holiday, we are showered with compliments on how lovely our skin looks. Here is a little secret. Tanning doesn’t just make us look healthy and wealthy, but it can also make us look slimmer if we flaunt it the right way. White, off-white, cream, or any lighter shade for that matter helps us look browner. Keep yourself a handy tan spray if you can’t go on a holiday every now and then.




Black is everyone’s go-to color when we are too unsure about what to wear and can’t afford taking a risk. It never fails, and, I promise you, will never go wrong. Anything in black – a little dress, a baggy t-shirt, or a jumpsuit, looks either super cool or irresistibly hot. This is one color that makes us look slimmer, taller, and prettier, all at the same time.



A-Line Dresses

A-line dresses in floral print are a favorite look for a summer day out. They hide our (fat) legs and make our waist look smaller. You can also opt for an A-line skirt if a dress wouldn’t be appropriate for the occasion you are going for. Pair it up with a white linen shirt and you are good to go.



Dark Colored Jeans

Denims are loved by people all over the world irrespective of age or gender. They are comfortable, easy to pull off, suited for any occasion and most importantly do not require much maintenance. However, you have to be very careful while buying them. Go for mid rise ones to stay safe from making a fashion disaster. High rise ones draw all the attention to your buttocks, whereas low rise ones are meant for only ultra-fit people. The ones in dark colors, which are slightly ripped at the right places can do wonders for your thighs though.



Pointed Heels

The right shoes can make or break any look. So always make sure you don’t make a mistake when it comes to picking your footwear. Ditch your heels, which are open at the toes or have straps around the ankles. Pointed ones are the best whether you are headed to rock an interview or to impress your coffee date with your dressing sense.



Color Blocking

Color blocking has been in fashion for a while and is sure to stay. Contrasting colors are not just attractive to the eye, but also prove to be a miracle when it comes to diverting the attention from that extra flab on our tummy.



Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are the best option, especially for formal meetings. They bring all the attention to the slimmest area on your body, which is your waist, while giving a definitive shape to your derriere and thighs. Ones that are an inch above your knees are considered to be of ideal length, as they cover your thighs just about right.



Keep Proportions in Mind

Don’t go for either all tight or all loose when it comes to clothing. If you are wearing a baggy t-shirt go for something body-hugging such as a pair of jeans. On the other hand, if your top wear is tight, do not make the mistake of wearing tight bottoms too.



Right Jacket

Jackets are a savior, especially when you have to head for an important meeting or a formal event. You just have to be a little choosy when it comes to buying a jacket. Get one that reaches your waist and fits you well.




Shapewear has been worn by women for generations. It helps to instantly shape our three most problematic areas, which are our thighs, waist and hips. Thanks to the various innovations and experiments in fabrics, they are now available in such comfortable materials that you don’t feel you are even wearing one after putting on your dress. Investing in good quality shapewear will definitely pay off. We assure you.



Right Colored Shoes

The color of your shoes should closely resemble the color of your legs. This is a fashion rule you should always abide by if you wish that your legs look long. For winters, you could wear black stockings and go for black boots or heels. And in summers you could just wear shoes that’s a little darker or lighter in shade compared to your legs.



Structured Fabric

Jackets made of a slightly hard or structured fabric are a good pick, as they do not stick to your body or make you bustier. These can be worn for any occasion, and are a good choice for people who don’t want to think too much while picking their clothes.



Scooping Neckline

Your collarbones are one of your most attractive features. Show them off whenever you get the opportunity by opting for tops or dresses with scooping or wider necklines. These would also drag the attention from your problem areas such as your waist or biceps.




Accessories are girls’ best friends. They not only enhance your looks, but also distract the attention from your imperfections. So, go ahead and experiment with earrings, neckpieces, hair clips and bracelets. Do not overdo it though.



Long Cardigans

Long, bright-colored cardigans that reach your knees make you look cool and also slender.




Ponytail is a hairdo that works for almost any face shape and for most of the outfits. All of your hair held back tightly or even loosely is one of simplest hairstyles to sport. It highlights your cheekbones and makes you look confident.