35 Examples of Unnecessary Packing That Are Adding to Planet’s Plastic Waste Problems

While the entire world is focused on tackling climate change and promoting sustainable development, there are some companies that are moving in a completely opposite direction. Whether it’s about packing each piece of bread in a separate packet or a normal pill packed in three different layers of packaging, we’re about to share some of the most outrageous examples of unnecessary packing that is adding to our already increasing plastic waste problems. Here it goes –


If only each banana had a separate packing of its own!



In case you’re in need of just one piece of bread



Woah, the store’s so smart it got rid of all the eggshells for us – and placed the yolk in a plastic bag, instead?!



This pill was packed to last a lifetime, I guess!



Imagine this packaging was just meant for a chapstick



Is this company really that naïve to believe this will stay fresh for long?!



Sugar cubes wrapped individually. Seriously?



This is the first time you’ll come across just TWO lemongrass stalks in a packet



We honestly have no idea who could even come up with this packaging idea!



If you thought you were the one who overpacked every item the most!



A great initiative to say no to plastic?!



All this packaging for just a small piece of magnet



Pre-cut peppers that are each wrapped separately are a big hit in this store, I guess!



Nothing like buying individual strawberry packed in a plastic box, agree?



Cola in a plastic packaging? Maybe just a good way to prevent them for rolling over, we believe!



Maybe this packaging is meant to tell us we’re supposed to eat only one grape at a time?



We wonder if part of it shrank during shipping!



We wonder if this package is meant to make them last several decades



Nothing like buying a pre-cut quartered watermelon packed in a box of plastic!



We honestly have no clue whatsoever why they did this



If you were looking for best examples of overpacking from Amazon



We wonder how many boxes they’ll need to pack one watermelon, then!



Another outrageous example of overpackaging by Amazon – fifty times the actual volume of the product, really?!



There’s no way these apples are gonna go bad anytime soon!



If you’re really an eco-friendly person and decided to buy Q-tips – and then this happens!



How is this piece even supposed to help the packaging?!



We bet you’ve never had these pre-cut, plastic-packed HEALTHY avocados



When you order five pounds of jelly beans and get them plastic wrapped – each jelly bean individually!



It seems the natural peels aren’t enough to keep these safe!



So much packing for such a tiny piece of steak. We wonder who the genius behind this great idea was!



Apparently, coconuts are “fragile”, and need to be packed safely in plastic bags – and not to mention these plastic bags are totally ‘organic’!



We wonder who this genius was who decided to pack these FREE Ikea pencils in plastic wrappers?



We’re not sure if this packaging was meant for one USB device or the entire stock!



Nothing more awesome than buying potatoes that are plastic wrapped individually



“Remove plastic wrapping from each sausage before you cook them”!