Check out these awesome hair trends for Fall 2019

Hair trends in fall of 2019 continue to follow the throwback train, with the 80s and 90s influencing everything – right from what accessories to pick and which ponytail style to go for. However, that’s not the only thing you can try out. There are also the ‘less bold’ throwback trends you can go for – low buns, unfussy tendrils, or even a fresh style on curls. Without further ado, let’s check out these awesome hair trends for fall 2019!


The 80s Redux

This fall show of Louis Vuitton was a complete throwback to the 80s. The deep parted hair from one side to another, covering one eye was a major trend and you can try it out for yourself this fall. However, to give it a more 2019 look rather than an 80s look, try not to overdo it with either hairspray or other kind of styling items.



We all love Lizzo so much, but we fell in love with her, even more, when we saw her wearing that sparkly scrunchie ponytail that was styled to one side. This classic look is totally fun and you should try it out this fall for sure as well!



The New Braids

If you haven’t had a chance to wear braids for a while, now is definitely a good time to do it. Whether you wish to stick to a more bohemian and subtle look like Margot Robbie or you want to go ahead and do the whole Wednesday Addams ad Prada’s fall 2019 show – braids will not only be a good choice because of their versatility, but you can also wear them irrespective of your hair type, texture or even skill level. As we all know, braids are never out of fashion!



You can try out the braids of Wednesday Addams like in this look from Prada’s fall 2019 show, with sleek center-parted braids. You’ll love them for sure!



We also spotted a sporty braid at the Max Mara show. You can wear this braid style right from your gym to the office or any place in between and look great!



Or you can also part your hair to the side and follow it up by braiding and holding it secure with a nice colored length of fabric, this fall. You can wear this braid style at the office for a great look.



Euphoria Hair

You have probably already heard of Euphoria makeup, which is the term used for the shiny and bold makeup that takes its inspiration from the HBO show, but now you can even try out Euphoria hair. This fall, don’t hold yourself back and do try out this crafty style with rhinestones and gems and other colorful extensions like Kerry Washington wore.



Or, you can add acid lime accessories to this hairstyle, alike this Philipp Plein’s 2019 fall show look.



You can also go for Swarovski crystals glued to your ponytail braid right down the length of it, much like what Alicia Keys wore.



Chain Mail

Headbands have found their spot on the trending styles for months, but if not done correctly, it may end up making you look way too sweet or juvenile. And if you’re someone who prefers a little more edge, we recommend using a chain headband like this one at Balmain.



Another variation of the chain mail hairstyle – you can add chain extensions to the hair, like what Justine Marjan did with this models’ hair at a recent show.



Accessory Overload

Gabrielle Chanel once said that you should probably take off one accessory before you leave the house. Well, we don’t agree with this. In fact, this fall you should do the exact opposite – add a few additional sparkly baubles, pins, and clips before you step out of your home. Remember, the more accessories you add, the better it is!

Check out this picture from Chanel, where famous hair stylist Sam McKnight made use of several pins, bows, and some flowers to add the overall beauty of this hairstyle.



You can also go for a half-up hairstyle. This is not only simple, but a clean canvas if you’re using a dramatic accessory for your hairstyle.



Wear a low ponytail and accessorize it with a neat black velvet bow and you are ready in a moment for any event – be it a party or even a red carpet event!



If you are looking for something of an easy fix for your unwashed hair, you can wear a low ponytail with a metallic barrette at your hair base. You can enhance this look even more by opting for a clear elastic.



Usually, a single bobby pin can easily make it look as if you forgot to remove it from your hair before you got out of the house. But three? Now, that’s a hair trend that shows purpose!



At a recent event, the hairstylist made use of black simple elastic with the low ponytail and then used a couple of golden pins on each side to give it a great trendy look. Try it out this fall!



You can also pick some golden accessories for your low ponytail style and secure them across the length, and rock whatever event you visit next!



The Tale of Two Textures

You can try out this look from Zendaya this fall for sure. Gel your hair from the hairline and move it backward such that it is behind the ears. Now what you get is two clear and unique textures – one is ultra-shiny, while the other is natural – and can be used for any event with ease.



Model Grace Elizabeth looked great with her trendy hairstyle that is ironed flat right from her hair root to the temples, which then is transitioned in the form of soft waves. You can also recreate this trendy hairstyle by parting your hair from the center and then braiding it before sleeping.



This trendy hairstyle was spotted at 3.1 Phillip Lim, where her hair was also ironed flat just like in Elizabeth’s look, but it was transitioned to a bouncier, fluffy, and voluminous curls. Do try it out this fall and you will love it!



The New Pony

The credit for reviving this sophisticated and glossy ponytail goes to none other than Bratz dolls. We also spotted Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid wearing this ponytail. Do try it out if you’re looking for a trendy hairstyle this fall!



The deep side-parted ponytail is back in trends, thanks to Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. You can also rock this hairstyle this fall with a base that is wrapped up and ends left bouncy.



You can try out this trendy hairdo this fall by securing your ponytail right in the center with a black elastic and give a bold hair statement with it.



If you’re looking for something easy yet chic, just go for a low ponytail, which is wrapped around at the base. It always works!



Loose Tendrils

Zazie Beets and her hairstylist Lacy Redway absolutely nailed it at all events in Venice this year. One look that we really appreciated was the new version of an updo that left the loose tendrils hanging at the neck’s nape.



Or, you can just let your hair loose around your face this fall!



You can also go for two trends at the same time: wear a low and sleek braid and partner it up with face-framing pieces to give the overall look more sophistication.



We can guarantee you there is nothing more flirt or full than wearing a 90s prom hairstyle with a 2019 twist!



Hat Hair

And by the way, just so that you choose to wear a hat this fall doesn’t necessarily mean that you ignore your hairstyle. You can go for this hairstyle that we spotted at Zimmermann, where the hairstyle was focused on letting it in loose waves below the beret.



You can also pair up your natural curls with a pair of cool sunglasses and a nice hat, much like the look we spotted at Dior this fall.



You can style your hair in the form of grungy waves and wear a beanie cap to match it up. Do try this trendy look this fall!



Low Rider

If you’re going for a long ponytail, make sure you get a knot that is low and at the very end of your ponytail.



Try out this low chignon that we spotted at the Brock Collection recently.



Or, you can curl it up and coil it in the form of a low chignon, much like the one we spotted at Brandon Maxwell.