6 fashion girl approved ways to wear leggings

Pants are SO 2016.

Leggings – comfy, but not necessarily known as stylish. I remember the time first I wore leggings as pants, eager to throw my low rise jeans deep into my closet. They were paper thin and little did I know I was giving the world a show of my (not so hot) love of cotton undies. Since then, the legging has evolved as a wardrobe staple for most us. Now they come in all shapes and sizes, from pleather to jeggings. The same primal concern still haunts all of us, wondering if we look lazy or are giving a virtual peep show. No need to worry, I have found 6 tried and true approaches to wearing leggings while looking cute!



6. Leggings + Sneakers

A simple long sleeve with some Adidas leggings and some white sneakers and you’re set for the day of errands.



5. Leggings + Oversized Button Down Blouse

Quintessential fall look. A good oversized button down embroidered blouse with some ankle boots & you’re set for sight seeing.

4. Leather Leggings + Oversized Sweater

The upgraded version of leggings is leather leggings. Snag a pair to instantly enhance your wardrobe.



3.  Leggings + Knee High Boots

Cara Loren rocking the Knee High Boots. Throw on some leggings underneath and a patched bomber jacket and you’re set for the snowy day.

2. Leggings + Fur Coat

Just make sure you lay off the carbs for a couple days before wearing this look. It’s a celebrity favorite.



1. Leggings + Workout

The original use for leggings is still working out by far. But its fun to be able to dress an article of clothing up or down and we’ve shown you five ways to do so.