Splish, Splash, Giggles: 18 Animals Before and After Their Bath Adventures

Ever seen a fluffy cat turn into a drowned rat or a majestic dog resemble a soapy mop? There’s something funny and charming about animals before and after they get a bath. The results are often funny and surprising, like fluffy cats that turn into slippery, wet noodles or well-behaved dogs that all of a sudden look like soapy, tangled messes. Dive into our splash-tastic lineup of 18 animals that show how much they change when they take a bath. Some of the side effects may be sudden fits of laughter and a newfound respect for shampoo’s magic. Prepare for a journey of slippery giggles and fluffy revelations!

Kitten, Cat, Felidae, Carnivore, Iris, Small to medium-sized cats, Organism, Gesture, Whiskers

1. If there was an award for the most dramatic transformation, this kitten would surely win against its fluffy self.