8 Common Characteristics of a Role Model

When we perceive someone to possess admirable qualities, it is natural that we would want to look up to them as a role model. Not only are we acknowledging someone’s positive attributes and achievements, but we strive to emulate them and hopefully serve as an example to others. What are some of the characteristics of a role model that make them so beloved by so many? Here are eight common traits that attract us to such individuals.

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One of the most important features of a role model is their ability to accept people for who they are. They don’t care what they look like, who they date, or what their gender is; they simply see them as being worthy of respect and understanding. In fact, a role model fully embraces diversity and does their best to learn from the unique experiences of others. When somebody holds an opposing view about something, they are willing to engage with them in a respectful manner even when they don’t agree. Peace, inclusivity, and equality are what role models make their life missions.