7 Highly Controversial ‘Am I the Jerk?’ Reddit Stories That Will Make You Question Your Moral Compass – Who’s Really at Fault?

Reddit’s communities are also a place where users can share personal stories and ask for public opinion on whether they’re in the wrong. The stories can range from common disagreements that most people have faced to complex ethical dilemmas, often dividing the Reddit audience. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven controversial stories that spurred passionate debate.

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1. Te entiendo

One user took to Reddit to share an experience that took place when he moved in with his girlfriend of Hispanic heritage during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of quarantine rules, his first meeting with her relatives took place via Zoom. Things got awkward when the family started badmouthing him in Spanish without realizing – wait for it – he understood what they were saying, having been adopted by a Mexican mother as an infant who taught him the language. For instance, he noted how the grandmother was literally grumbling about her dating yet another “white guy,” and offering to set her up with a friend’s nephew. Fed up, he explained to them in Spanish precisely why they loved each other and that moving in together was the next big step in their relationship. Embarrassed, her family apologized for being so inconsiderate, with the exception of the girlfriend’s sister, who believed he was in the wrong for not mentioning right away that he spoke Spanish and that the conversation they were having about him wasn’t his business to be a part of. The consensus amongst the audience was that he was, in fact, not the asshole in this situation.