8 Reasons To Embrace Aging (2 of 5)

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2. We learn to accept ourselves

When we’re young, we are obsessed with this idea of needing to fit in. We see that our classmates are wearing the latest fashion or they’re really good at sports, and it is something that we envy to the point of jealousy. We might feel deeply insecure because we aren’t as “popular.” But once we get to a certain age, we understand that none of these trivial things matter. We accept who we are and appreciate that we get a chance to experience life when so many humans never will. 

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3. We become more confident

As we age, we become more knowledgeable about ourselves. This wisdom allows us to gain confidence about our decision-making. Why? Because we are able to assess prior decisions — the mistakes and successes —in order to make future choices. It all comes down to experience, which is something that can only be acquired as we age.