8 Tips For Becoming More Motivated

It’s Monday morning and you’ve just arrived at the office. There is a big pile of work on your desk and with the holidays coming up you are in a rush to finish everything by the deadlines. What goes through your mind as this reality sinks in? Are you excited about meeting these challenges or do you dread it? If you don’t feel motivated, what are the reasons and what can you do about it? We’ve got the answers for you. 

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1. Figure Out What Drives You

Take a moment and reflect on where you are in life. What is one facet of your life that you’d like to see improve? For instance, it might be your job. Think about what drew you to that job. Also think about your purpose. Write down a list of the things you are looking for in a job and ask yourself if your current job contains these traits. Focus on the positives and determine what steps you can take to steer yourself in the right direction.