5 Experiences We All Had When We First Fell In Love With Someone

Oh, falling in love for the first time. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of being on cloud nine because you’ve just met the most amazing, attractive, incredible person in the world! They’re so funny, smart, and unbelievable fun to be around! That 2 hour coffee date felt like 10 minutes. You simply must tell all of your friends about how your new boyfriend/girlfriend is completely flawless. Falling in love feels good every time it happens, but as with all experiences, it becomes less and less intense as it loses its novelty. But at least you always have memories of the first time you fell in love, right? Here are five experiences we can all relate to when we fell in love for the first time back in our middle school or high school days. 

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As soon as you realize there is a spark between the two of you, you start to feel the butterflies. Just thinking about them brings these emotions, as does looking at photos of them. And when you’re sitting on a bench next to them? Oh, by. You start looking at the little details. Their facial features, their neck, their body. You feel a sense of excitement and nervousness about the possibilities. What would it feel like to kiss them? Oh my God, they’re reaching to take my hand! They’re making deep eye contact and it’s making you feel wobbly. You never forget this feeling no matter how much time goes by. It feels vaguely terrifying, but oh so wonderful at the same time!