6 Common Reasons Why A Man Would Leave The Woman He Loves

Why do men so often break up with women they seemingly love? On the surface, this seems odd. If a man loves being with her, wouldn’t he want to do everything possible to stay with her forever? When a girl is dumped out of the blue, it’s understandable that she would wonder why. Was it something she did? Why were things going so well and suddenly the relationship is over? The reality is that no matter how much he loves someone, if he isn’t happy, he’s going to do what he feels is best and move on. With that in mind, here are 6 reasons why a man might leave a woman even if he loves her.

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1. She measures happiness solely on the fact that she’s in a relationship

While a relationship should be an essential element of a happy life, it should not be the only thing that brings happiness. In other words, a relationship will only be stable if the couple are able to find happiness outside of it. This could mean succeeding in a career and having a social life beyond being with her all the time. One of the most toxic things that can happen in a relationship is developing a co-dependency in which the couple feel like being together is the key to being happy rather than bringing happiness into the relationship. If he feels burdened with finding ways to make you happy — rather than her finding happiness herself — he will call it quits even if he loves her.