6 Signs Your Partner is Manipulating You

When people manipulate others – especially in romantic relationships – they are attempting to emotionally exploit them as a means of having control. This allows them to get what they want out of that person whether it is money and possessions, unmerited sympathy, or even total say over the relationship. A master manipulator is able to identify the partner’s weaknesses and exploit them, and they will continue to do so until the other person finally decides to put an end to it. But this can be difficult to do since they use their powers of manipulation precisely to prevent their partner from breaking things off.

The beginning of a relationship is the time when it is most challenging to realize you are, in fact, being manipulated since it is so subtle. But over time as you repeat these experiences with the manipulator, their behavior becomes a disturbing pattern. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways in which your partner could be manipulating you without you even realizing it!

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When your partner is gaslighting you, they are essentially telling blatant lies that should be obvious, but they’re so skilled at it that it causes you to question even yourself. For instance, they might insist that you are overreacting to a highly toxic situation, or they will abuse you physically or emotionally and then turn around and insist they would never do anything of the sort. They will deny any wrongdoing and at worst make you feel guilty for their self-serving behaviors.